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  1. I think he means wheel nuts you boob, Peter. I'm guessing the well-made Lenso wheels will need tapered wheel nuts?
  2. Mafyou

    Let's do things.

    I'm up for dogging if it's going
  3. I use the exact same dude, but I don't get the app thing
  4. Someone put up loads of pics of him with weird faces haha
  5. It's actually not bad. Ps. what's wrong with pete?
  6. Does a bonnet lift do anything useful?
  7. yeah think that seems the best bet, until i can use a hose/pressure washer
  8. yeah thought that. what would be a waterless wash system??
  9. Mafyou

    Falkirk Cruise

    when is the next one???
  10. did it not take forever to get them off with just wet and dry??
  11. Mafyou

    Hammerite paint

    i wouldn't bother mixing the paint, it will just fade over time anyway
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