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  1. Only thing left is the interior FOR SALE £1100 ono PM for details Cheers Ryan
  2. You do care as you took the time to write that comment
  3. I hope so toooo No new Readers Ride on the new car sadly, keeping this one quite Thanks Amber Yeaa new project should be fun and sooo much cooler then the Lupo Cheers Ryan
  4. Larry the Lupo should be going to new owner tomorrow Going to be a sad day, Im sooo pleased with what i achieved with the Lupo from a cheap run about to a multi show winning show car, Just goes to show if your willing to put the effort in anything is possible, I must say its had its ups and downs but its been an experience. Ive managed to meet some awesome people through my time with ClubLupo Ive bought a new project now which im getting straight into so hopefully be at some shows soooon Ryan
  5. 16x6 ET 48 4x100 165/40/16 Tyres
  6. What wheels would you like spec's on ? Vw starlites BBS RW's BBS RS's VW UP wheels. Lupo 3L wheels now SOLD Just interior left and need this gone asap as I have 3 people with cash waiting for the car it self. Ryan
  7. Good to see it back and all working Tom Looks good 12
  8. Real tidy work Amber, Bet you cant wait to get it back in the shows Ryan
  9. Well Done Ben Lupo's getting better and better Cool Lego Ryan
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