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  1. There's a couple of videos on YouTube of manual conversions of the 3L (all LHD ones) - e.g. this one and a couple of others and various others appear to have done it successfully. https://mhhauto.com/Thread-Lupo-3L-manual-shifter-conversion for example. Sounds like proactive maintenance is the way forward for the 3L (don't think the conversion is something I'd be likely to do personally - I'd prefer to keep it 'stock' with the Tiptronic shifter, even if it involved more maintenance). Anyway, my 3L lead went a bit quiet once I started asking more questions about the car (it's been owned by someone on this forum previously, judging by the plate.)
  2. Wondering what people's thoughts are about running a 3L as a main car/daily driver? I've always kinda wanted one and there's potentially an opportunity to get one come up. My worries are the scarcity of the non-standard parts - gearbox in particular, do they last high mileages (150k +?) Also a lot of the other components I've noticed are unusual or aluminium/Mg-based (struts/wishbones etc.) Anyone on here running one regularly, how d'you find it, maintenance wise? Very tempted by one, purely for the novelty of 90+ mpg, uniqueness of them, keeping one going etc. Any other things to consider (insurance issues with them being LHD etc)? Anything in particular to look out for on a used one (aside from the usual Lupo things, thinking 3L specific here...)
  3. Nice work - quick question, do you have to completely drop the exhaust out to get the new subframe on? Any cutting involved to get it off, or releasing clamps sufficient?
  4. It's gorgeous and one of my favourite colours for Lupos 😍 ...I don't know if I could justify 2 SDIs though...
  5. Posting a few pics here of my recent clean up of the inlet plenum, air restrictor 'trumpets' and intake manifold on my SDI. (I know there's a thread on this but the pictures seem to have gone missing from the image hosting site, so here's another thread with pics if of help to anyone.) As others have said, I couldn't believe how coked up the trumpets and the intake vents were. Doused the intake manifold, plenum, and trumpets in multiple rounds of carb cleaneer and oven cleaner, as well as jet washing the parts in the end. Refitted with a new manifold gasket. Before reassembly hoovered out the intake ports with a handheld vacuum cleaner to remove any big bits of carbon that might have become dislodged during the cleaning/scraping process. Applied the CCV hose mod to stop oil vapour being re-routed back into the inlet plenum, and did the EGR blank, inlet manifold flap disconnect, then took out for a spin to flush anything out. Once the engine warmed up I ran a can of Diesel Intake cleaner through the inlet plenum to try and shift some of the deposits around the intake ports and valves. (Debatable whether this has a huge effect, but thought it couldn't hurt to try.) Will report back once I've had a chance to run another tank through it whether it feels much different etc. Much cleaner at least anyway! Some tips I discovered that helped me: - Oven cleaner works really well! - Ring spanner makes a good scraper tool. - Face masks are handy for covering open ports to prevent stuff falling in - Removing the inlet manifold flap housing: It's a bayonet fitting that turns *right* to release it. - Blocked off the EGR vacuum using an M5 bolt, and a small nail for the manifold flap vacuum. (Leave the wiring connectors connected.) Plan is to install an oil catch can soon rather than letting the oil vapour vent under the car.
  6. Thanks @mk2 & @lupo 1.7sdi - I'll have a look at these things. I remember carefully replacing the two O-rings when changing the fuel filter, but I'll double check they've seated correctly and in right order as well. Ta 🙂
  7. Yeah - car had a full service including fuel filter just a month ago
  8. Had a strange issue that seem to correct itself later on in the day, but would appreciate any suggestions: Drove up the mountain pass in Glen Shee, car is a bit slow but fairly normal given the incline. Coming down the other side, there's a heavy juddering sensation that I thought was the brakes initially but am fairly sure it came from the engine. (Still judders when clutch depressed and brakes unused etc). Driving along the flat the car really struggles and any kind of acceleration in any gear increases the juddering from the engine. I pull in and switch off, have look at the engine and run the OBD scanner on it. Starting the car next time is really difficult to get started, turns over a lot before engine kicks in properly, then idles roughly. Same problem for a while, carry on down the road hoping to make it to the next big town, but then after a while of very rough running, and very careful driving at around 30-40mph, the noise/judder goes away and power returns...by the time I'm back on the motorway it's cruising along happily again at motorway speed. There was also a fairly big air bubble in the clear fuel line from the filter when I first stopped and had a look...could it be a one-off bit of air in the system? Any ideas what this might be? It ran fine all the way home after this issue, but wondered if there's anything that needs looked at before it happens again and I'm not so lucky. (Fault code was P1161 Manifold Air Temp Sensor open or short to ground. But this goes away after clearing once juddering stops...)
  9. Looking good! Been following this thread with baited breath as mine needs doing probably before its next MOT. Thinking now it's a job for a garage for me as welding's beyond me if the captive nuts break...
  10. Will a set of the Aluminium rims for the 3L fit straight on a standard Lupo? (SDI to be precise). 4 wheel nuts and looks like it should, but anything else to be aware of with them being Alu?
  11. @mk2Of course, there's a picture of the actual puller I used (successfully) attached as well below. There's a bunch of other Lupo SDI cambelt related (and water pump) photos in this shared album, might be of use to anyone, feel free to take any of those for the how-to as well. https://photos.app.goo.gl/p2f3fL4h7e1gfvCz8
  12. It's finally all done and working 😀 I can see why the SDI earns its reputation for the cambelt change...but all good for another 40,000 miles/ 4 years. One thing I did find out, which may just be a strange idiosyncrasy on my own SDI, is that the recommended aux drive belt suggested on all car parts sites did not fit! It was too short by a centimetre or so, which made it virtually impossible to get over the pulleys with the tensioner fully extended. I thought I was going mad, but when I took the old belt to measure, it is longer than the recommended part. The belt suggested by car parts factors is usually a Dayco 5PK1220 or equivalent (122 cm belt) but I had to get a 5PK1230 belt (123 cm) for it to have any chance of fitting without using excessive force on the pulleys/tensioner. I can't find anyone reporting this problem before, so it's possible that some garage has replaced a pulley on my drive belt set up with a slightly larger/non-OEM one in the past, and slightly changed the required belt size, but just thought I'd leave a note here in case anyone comes across a similar issue.
  13. Light at the end of the tunnel now. If anyone ends up here with a stuck pulley, and the rust removal gel or you don't quite have the parts to make a DIY tool, I ended up using a 2-armed gear puller which brought it off in seconds after hours of trying to get it to budge. The "harmonic balance puller" pictured with the 4 flat prongs and bolt set, won't fit properly (I couldn't create enough clearance even by lowering the engine to get the puller bolt in, even though the first stage of it will attach. A 3-armed puller might also be tricky to fit.) Back to the How-To guide for now!
  14. It is, the How-To guide's been really helpful but the pulley is just really stubborn, even with the rust remover gel etc. Going to try a tool/puller later when I can get hold of one or make something DIY...
  15. Managed to lock the crankshaft pulley by putting it into 5th and wedging the brakes on with an old table leg against the seat. Bolts came out then. Now to get the pulley itself off somehow...
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