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  1. Light at the end of the tunnel now. If anyone ends up here with a stuck pulley, and the rust removal gel or you don't quite have the parts to make a DIY tool, I ended up using a 2-armed gear puller which brought it off in seconds after hours of trying to get it to budge. The "harmonic balance puller" pictured with the 4 flat prongs and bolt set, won't fit properly (I couldn't create enough clearance even by lowering the engine to get the puller bolt in, even though the first stage of it will attach. A 3-armed puller might also be tricky to fit.) Back to the How-To guide for now!
  2. It is, the How-To guide's been really helpful but the pulley is just really stubborn, even with the rust remover gel etc. Going to try a tool/puller later when I can get hold of one or make something DIY...
  3. Managed to lock the crankshaft pulley by putting it into 5th and wedging the brakes on with an old table leg against the seat. Bolts came out then. Now to get the pulley itself off somehow...
  4. I'm really stuck trying to remove the crankshaft pulley in the process of doing the timing belt change on a Lupo 1.7 SDI. It's the four hex bolts that attach the crankshaft pulley, really struggling to get them to budge and worried about stripping the hex. Does anyone know a workaround to get it off? Makeshift locking tool or some other trick?
  5. Sorted now! Managed to find a decent condition one off one being broken near Falkirk. (Various parts still available off a 1.4 petrol, can put people in touch if needed.) Had a few other leads, but so many of them are rotten up here (salt, rain, etc...)
  6. No-goer unfortunately, the one on U-Pull-It was rotten so still on the lookout for one.
  7. Thanks, going to have a look at that, didn't know about U-Pull-it!
  8. Looking for a Subframe in decent condition to fit a Lupo SDI. From researching the forum, sounds like any subframe from a non-GTI and non-TDI lupo should fit. Or a Polo 6n, 6n2 subframe (non TDI), but correct me if I'm wrong on this. Thanks
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