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  1. I did the same job on mine recently with those clips, I ended up using sand paper to widen the slot for the runner because i couldn't even slide them on..It was a bit annoying to have to do. But doing that and adding silicone grease they work 100% now. I didn't have the issue with them falling off the clamps though, once you put them through the hole they should stay in place. Hopefully this is helpful
  2. Thanks, the head wasn't taken off mine yet to check 100% if the cams are worn - just suspected at this point.
  3. Ok so a bit more diagnosing later, think this has actually been the issue from the beginning.. oil pressure is 1.6bar at running temp. Mechanic suggested that the cams are worn and it's causing the low pressure.
  4. Heard back from the ECU testing earlier today, apparently there is nothing wrong with it from the testing that they undertook. At a bit of a loss now! I think the only thing that hasn't been replaced yet is the crank sensor.
  5. Narrowed it down to the ECU being faulty after replacing the oil breather heater. Only just sent the ECU for repair today so hopefully it does the job!
  6. Hi everyone, Engine light has been on in my GTI since I bought it 4 years ago, it hasn't been an issue up until now because the MOT regulations are changing so there can be no engine management light on to pass. After reading through the forums for the codes I read i found that removing the connector for the oil breather pipe may resolve some issues. After doing this and replacing fuse 30 (the 5A one - kept blowing before) the fuse now remains intact. Took it for a spin and restarted the car and the light came on again.. Now showing codes: 16394 Bank. 1 Camshaft Intake P0010 Position actuator malfunction 17748- camshaft position sensor/engine speed sensor; incorrect correlation Not really sure what to do next as in the receipts i got with the car it says that there was a used camshaft adjuster unit fitted by VW in the past, maybe this is causing an issue? Or possibly there is an issue with the sensors/wiring. Any advice would be appreciated!
  7. Thanks guys, nothing too out of the ordinary really...I have the g60 brake upgrade, ap coilovers and the cambridge rear lights. Also have recaros from a crosa vxr fitted in the front.
  8. Alright guys, Thought it was about time I made an account on here after years of lurking haha. Currently driving a 2005 lupo gti, had a 1.0 before that.
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