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  1. they are for a lupo gti looks like its had the wrong ball joints put on it.
  2. hi all just a few questions. has the lupo gti got different wishbones to the standard lupo's have looked around for the answer but keep getting different information. some people say they are the same as normal lupo's its the lower ball joint thats different? have asked 2 different vag dealers and they came back with different answers. one said they were the same the other said they were different. Any help would be a great help cheers jay
  3. this is checkmates address as well as phone number as above tried to ring this number but know reply. people like this muppet should be band of the forum. i'm working away at the moment but when i return will be paying a little vist to the address below. ainsley chang 71 hillary rd southall middlesex UB2 4PT
  4. still not recieved the airbox that i've paid for has it been posted yet. there seems to to a pattern forming here at the moment people have paid for parts and not recieved them. could you sort it out please or send a full refund as this is getting a joke.
  5. vw quoted £180 for 1 new key + £56 to code it. changed full lock sets before on cars its just they have never needed to be coded after. would rare have full set of all new locks with all 3 keys. just wondering if anbody had Vag Com in the area then would pay them instead.
  6. hi all well bit of a question about lupo GTI keys. i only have one key for my lupo GTI but have been offered a new lock set. which is from the right year for the GTI. Right number of questions. has anybody got Vag Com in the Staffordshire area and can they code new keys to the alarm. Or is it take it to the Dealers to get the new keys programmed. has anybody done this on the forum and there is a how to somewhere.
  7. well just had a read of this thread. its horses for courses. but the difference is build quality. if you go for 106 or a saxo the quality is not good at all. must be a french thing. and remember a fast 1/4 mile doesn't mean that it can go around corners. i have a lupo gti and it puts a smile on my face when i get the chance to drive the thing. and yes V tec honda's are a great engine but look at the style of the car they go in.
  8. hi all well my 2001 GTI rev counter started to play up. don't know if it was the cold spell we've had but. Some days it wouldn't go back to 0rpm it might start at 3rpm even thou the car was on tick over. then some days it says its ticking over at 200rpm seems to just come and go at the moment anybody any idea's cheers jay
  9. has anybody got the part No off a standard lupo gti airbox please as have found one but need to know the part No please cheers jay
  10. hi all right the rubber hose that comes off the power steering reservoir are they the same on all lupo's mine has a split in it and vw can't get one for 2 weeks. mine is a gti so are they the same or different cheers james
  11. cheers guys for the pictures and the help i have got 195 40 16 tyres for the wheels. will get sum pictures up when i get them fitted . better start doing a build thread then.
  12. well people spoken to a guy who ran them on a lupo gti a few years ago so looks like they will fit
  13. morning mike i'm 1 hour ahead here didn't think people would be up on the forum yet . its a lupo gti so would this be a problem.
  14. hi all well been offered some Borbet A's 7.5 x 16 et20 set of 4 will they fit or will i have inner front wheelarch issues when on full lock. and if anybody has got pictures could you put them up please. cheers jay
  15. cheers mike good old VW they never let you down with using parts out of different bins to make cars.
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