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  1. participate more!

  2. Sorry for the lack of replys, all PM's replied too. Inbox cleared and parts still available. Mike
  3. Can happily get you some when i go to the unit, it's likely to be Saturday morning as getting garage re wired so no lights atm so after work is a no go! Mike
  4. Pretty firm on price for wings, they usually sell easily as there silly money from VW as you'll know.. I'd be happy to post tho. Can make a wooden box to put them in so your sure they can't be damaged, postage would be £20 next day insured Mike
  5. Kept the carpet for my other lupo as it was mint, sorry! Sure the towing eye covers were missing when I bought it, but got a set knocking about in my garage somewhere will take a look. Mike
  6. Brake light does work yes.. Will have to go take a look but I'm 90% sure no bubbling around brake light. Mike
  7. Calipers will go with the axle sorry mate
  8. I have the majority of a Lupo Gti breaking, minus engine/gearbox & exhaust.. Seats and wheels are also sold.. Everything else is available... Car is in reflex silver and paint on all panels is excellent.. Wings (aluminium) £100 each Doors (aluminium) £80 each Bonnet (aluminium) £140 Front bumper (smoothed plate recess) £120 Rear bumper £70 Gti headlining inc visors handles etc £120 Rear axle including calipers etc £130 Boot lid inc spoiler £120 Anything else drop me a pm Mike
  9. Whiteline arb is adjustable and is more than good enough for both track and road use. The stiffest setting is as stiff as you'd want in my opinion. Best handling mod I'd say and good value really. Mike
  10. Should handle like a boss on those £60 lowering springs you were enquiring about a few months back mate! Haha, these dreamers just keep getting better..
  11. Bonrath are cheap and decent quality. Look on ebay.de very tight fit tho!
  12. Both have VVT, as you say both blocks are AVY but have different shape bellhousings meaning gearboxes are not interchangeable. Power output is identical I believe. Lupo Gti does seem notably quicker than a polo 6n2 but I always put this down to the lupo being lighter. Mike
  13. A powerflow system would be nowhere near £800. In all honestly £300 is much more realistic. Mike
  14. Can i put myself down as a possibility? Will definitely be there all weekend but whether the lupo is ready is a different matter. So much to do so little time, everything seems to be conspiring against me at the moment! Mike
  15. ^ Sorry pal, thought it said them not then. But I agree starlites would suit it down to the ground.. Mike
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