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  1. Ray, my spare seats also have those headrests, as do the gti I have now fitted. May be see if other VAG small cars have headrests you could swap in, polo, fox, up.
  2. I assume so Ray. They came out of my 53 plate 1.7 sdi and were replaced with seats out of a gti. My guess is that the seats are all interchangeable. Hang on, just reread you post. My seats have headrests that aren't 'solid' also so don't think my seats will be any use.
  3. Butyl tape and a sheet of plastic make for a good substitute for the factory membrane. Ebay sell both.
  4. Is the hole in the centre of the bumper? Maybe it once had a gti centre exhaust fitted previously. I would swap my standard rear lights plus cash for your cambridge one?
  5. Hi, should there be something that sits on the floor to stop the accelerator pedal touching the carpet when full depressed?
  6. Have you got a pic of your engine bay? That would really help me.
  7. Gearbox was rebuilt last year so the oil should still be good. I have the egr blank, which pipe carries the oil fumes?
  8. Hi, my sdi is on 174k miles now. Do people drop the sump and clean out the oil pick up pipe on lupos?
  9. I don't but can go up in the loft tomorrow. This ebay link isn't my seats but are the same type. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174113479058
  10. Hi, I have replaced my standard seats with gti ones so the standard ones are no longer needed. The seats are in good condition but the drivers one could do with a wet vac. I have the front and rear seats all with headrests. I'd rather they be put to use rather than me take them to the tip. They are free to be collected from Warrington.
  11. I've tried that in past but the finish wasn't great. The cream headlining was strangely greasy as well so maybe the paint wouldn't have taken too well. I had some headlining material from another car but I couldn't get the creases out.
  12. Headlining is now in landfill so is no longer available.
  13. Only had mine few weeks and am getting no where near that mpg. I've bought an egr blanking plate and I'm going to get the inlet manifold off as i bet it's super sooty. Serviced it last week but it still struggles at around 1800 rpm. I bought it for the mega mpg so need to sort it out.
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