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  1. C3peteo

    Gti parts

    A full set bathurts on ebay in Derby. Need a refurb but seller would take 100. I know this as I messaged him today but decided on other wheels to buy.
  2. Hi, would a 195/45/16 tyre fit the arches of a non gti. Seen some alloys i like. Spent ages reading old posts on here, some say yes other say I'd need a 40 profile and or arches rolled
  3. C3peteo

    Lupo 3l

    My sdi cost me less than 1/3 of that.
  4. Unless you want to fit poly bushes
  5. Thanks for the reply. I'll change the oil on my drive then.
  6. Far from low miles, no mention of history. Decat is a pain at mot time unless you know a very friendly tester. I like the oil poured over the engine cover. No idea how they came up with that price.
  7. How much oil did you get out with the car at that angle? I need to change mine and usually go to a place with ramp but might just do it on the drive instead.
  8. I bought a Gates cambelt kit for 60, a waterpump for 40 and paid a garage who i know well and work mainly on vws 150 to fit it. I also supplied the coolant and a aux belt. I had quotes for parts and labour ranging from 375 to 472 elsewhere.
  9. Always loved that crazy Porsche fabric. Really works.
  10. Yep. Do you want them?
  11. I always replace bushes when I get a new car if there is no paperwork to show they've been done recently. I've got poly ones on the shocks, front arb and rear axle and they've really tightened the car up. Mine had new stock wishbone bushes just before I bought the car so I'll leave them alone for a while. May as well change the alternator belt when the cambelt is done.
  12. C3peteo

    Dead SDi

    Bought a topran horn for my mk2 jetta. It was still working after a few years before I sold the car.
  13. Hi, I've got a replacement to fit as the current is disintegrating. Anyone know how to remove the two wires from this thing? Access isn't great. I've tried to gently pull them but don't want to damage anything. Does that plastic cylinder part come out of its metal bracket?
  14. C3peteo


    Hi, does any armrest fit the lupo? I've bought a generic one but it would look very ugly just bolted to the floor.
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