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  1. I read the guide and paid someone else to do it.
  2. How many miles on the engine please?
  3. Sure this was on ebay a month or so ago. Seems strange to spend that money on it so recently only to sell it.
  4. Clean all the soot out of the inlet. Mine had a huge amount of soot which I cleaned out.
  5. How much for both front calipers posted please? Is it manual or auto?
  6. They are 250 on ebay. They look like hard plastic rather than the leather gti one. I've seen them start to be used in air-cooled vans now. Maybe that popularity has pushed the price up.
  7. What did you get those 280 front brakes off?
  8. I've got a mk5 golf and I got the alignment done at a place that does race cars. The bloke said to get the front really accurate he'd need to adjust the subframe. Maybe just bolt it all up and then go for an alignment straight away
  9. Have you done both a wet and dry compression test?
  10. C3peteo

    Gti parts

    A full set bathurts on ebay in Derby. Need a refurb but seller would take 100. I know this as I messaged him today but decided on other wheels to buy.
  11. Hi, would a 195/45/16 tyre fit the arches of a non gti. Seen some alloys i like. Spent ages reading old posts on here, some say yes other say I'd need a 40 profile and or arches rolled
  12. C3peteo

    Lupo 3l

    My sdi cost me less than 1/3 of that.
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