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  1. Did you get the head done by a pro or did you break out the dremel?
  2. Love my sdi. Took me a while to find one as I wanted an sdi for economy and simplicity. 500 is far too cheap.
  3. Thanks, that's exactly what I needed to know.
  4. Should have said it's a front caliper. The larger hole above my finger is where the brake hose connects to and the bleed nipple is on the other side of the caliper so it must be some else.
  5. Bought these to refurb. What should connect to this outlet. Don't want to refurb them if they'll never work.
  6. Hi, I run my sdi very low on 13s. A few weeks back I started hearing a noise from the front end. Jacking up the car showed a tear in the near side outer cv boot. Driving over a low speed bump yesterday something went. The car still drives but I'm now hearing an even louder noise when moving in gear. The rip in the boot is no worse today. How could I tell what part is failing?
  7. How wide are the spacers?
  8. I got some myle bushes but they wouldn't fit, even after shaving a bit off the metal outer. Poly bushes went straight in.
  9. There is a gti front arb on ebay, not mine. I also found replacing the rear axle bushes a worthwhile improvement. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Volkswagen-Lupo-Whiteline-20mm-Rear-Anti-Roll-Bar-Arosa-Gti-/284176582419?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  10. Depending on how old your bushes and top mounts are you could replace them. Even fitting new standard parts will give a better feel if the existing parts are old and worn. You could opt for poly bushes. I have a front gti arb an that made a difference. I don't know how much the chassis flexes so can't comment on the benefit that braces may have. If you haven't I'd take a good look at the brakes, pads, discs, drum, piston seals. Stopping in time is never overrated.
  11. Take the other door card off and you can then compare with a working set up.
  12. I think you'll be fine until mot time, just put on different wheels.
  13. Not sure i understand. Does your lupo need some parts you can only find used?
  14. If it's a spray then nail polish remover wipes the paint off. A film will peel off.
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