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  1. I've changed both shafts and changed the bolts to ones that take an Allen head socket.
  2. It's a quick weekend driveway job if you have the tools, 13mm socket to do the ball joints and the 17mm for take the wheels off.
  3. I've just bought a pair of febi ones for 37 quid off ebay.
  4. Hi, I'm trying and failing to find a new lower engine mount for my sdi. Can you remove and replace the rubber parts of this mount as I have seen powerflex sell just bushes rather than the complete part.
  5. Coolant, brake fluid, fuel filter. I usually look for well known brands on ebay.
  6. Are those cupra seats a straight swap?
  7. Thanks for the advice.
  8. Hi, I'm going to replace the inner and outer track rods. What tool have people used to remove the inner ones? Thanks.
  9. Hi, can I fit a front subframe from any lupo to my 1.7 sdi? Thanks
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