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  1. These gearboxes can have synchro problems but its usually up and down from 3rd gear, which is the most used gear for the car but yours sounds more like alignment than the synchro's
  2. Hi have you got a manual drivers side mirror, if you have, I'd like the inside cover that fits over the adjusting rod, you lever it at the top then it should slide off the two grommets that hold it in position by pulling it down.
  3. Very odd but also quite nice https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lupo-vw/174104634694?hash=item288971e546:g:PHwAAOSwy6Jd2QkI
  4. I hope so but hope its not going to take fluid with itπŸ˜ƒ
  5. At the moment the issue has gone, so am even more confused, the system did have a partial bleed when the slave cylinder was changed
  6. Both changed, problem persists, ???
  7. Problem is and was a soft pedal and excessive travel, changed slave and master cylinder with new ones but the problem persists. after a while the pedal firms up,πŸ˜£πŸ˜„ after a quarter of an hour or so, I'm mystified as the clutch isn't slipping or dragging and the gear change is as good as it was after the box was rebuilt 3 years ago. Any ideas out there?
  8. I wouldn't do it, in fact if I could I'd revert to manual steering if I could, with the 1 litre car it's not worth having at all because the motor is so light
  9. be very careful ordering from ECP, they are only offering LHD items, need to look elsewhere
  10. I can't open the pictures, I'm using windows 10, any ideas?
  11. Good advice, insurance companies split hairs, employ shysters and will do anything to initially delay then avoid payment altogether
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