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  1. I can't see them salting the roads in Jersey so it might never need rustproofing
  2. The Sport models come with rear discs, other than that the other models petrol and diesel are the same, I'd imagine rust is a big problem for you in the frozen North
  3. Put an ebay search into your computer, then take your pick, if you are in South Wales I can give you a set of Arosa 14" alloys, gratis https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2062857.m570.l2632&_nkw=vw+lupo+lowering+springs&_sacat=107059
  4. Photo's aren't good enough to determine how good it is, mileage is low but the caveats for these delicate cars is always the bodywork and it needs a thorough inspection if you are considering paying Japanese import prices for one.
  5. Not just 256mm front brakes but discs on the rear too, for the Sport model.
  6. 25% more power on marginal brakes is unwise, actually if you want to get the best out of your cars performance better brakes should be your very first move
  7. I have an entirely different spoiler om mine, I'll take some snaps later when the sun comes out
  8. Only standard on GTI models, like hens teeth these days
  9. Lots of work, I think you would need to match the ECU, and don't forget the Sport has bigger front brakes, rear discs, and a lower valance with fog lights, better seats too
  10. I think its too low, and that is why he's had a new sump fitted, colour is very nice and I like the headlining, need a rear boot spoiler but that's nit-picking, overall I think its exceptional
  11. It can't be upgraded to Sport Spec, only things you can do will be traditional tuning stuff like improved air flow and free flowing exhaust, not worth the bother, and even if you could you are left with deficient brakes. There is very little scope for tuning the petrol engines anywhere in the range, to tune the GTI, some owners opt for the 2 litre 5 valve turbo unit from a Golf.
  12. Wishbones are readily available from motor factors, buy a front subframe from a breakers, or try ebay
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