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  1. in Barnsley, bit too far for me but looks decent https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Volkswagen-lupo/124230392956
  2. Nice, no salt on your roads but there is sea air on both side, mileage is high but not ridiculous, you won't get £4k though, you might get that for a Japanese car. I'd pitch it at £2.5-3k
  3. Agree about waxoyl, my father used to buy it direct from the little workshop in Prudhoe where it originated
  4. A newer version of mine which also started life in the NE, similar rust issue but the other side, sunroof on mine too. Window problems sorted though by fitting wind ups. mines done many more miles at 180,000 plus, otherwise similar, same interior alloys etc. The issues with your wishbones and brake lines are down to winter salt. Although mine started life in Darlington I bought it from Manchester where the rain usually keeps the salt away and this winter we had only 3 nights of frost so for the last 3 years no real salt corrosion. My SEAT Arosa TDI, a local car has no salt corrosion at all.
  5. Can I ask what the dealer bits cost you as I have a boss from a Mk 2 Golf which should fit anyhow?
  6. How would that work, as an airbag or would it switch off the no airbag warning light? I'm half interested as I have a lovely red leather steering wheel I'd like to fit to my TDI
  7. They are light at around 750kg but there's no shower/toilet so a bit style over substance
  8. Sadly with a centre exhaust you cant fit a towbar, which rules out a little caravan, couldn't find a Loop or a Rosa but the Fiat 500 has exactly the same dimensions
  9. The TDi and GTI models have hydraulic clutches which are much kinder to the pedal box and generally don't break, they are also the best models to buy, so if you haven't bought it seek one of those out. [some will argue for the SDI or the 100bhp 1.4 16v but they are wrong]
  10. There's a thread somewhere that I put up about a converted Arosa tdi, which I looked at last summer, sold now but there was a fair bit of detail on the thread, went like sh1te off a shovel too
  11. Might save in the long run by just buying a GTI, you might find you have spent as much doing the mods to a 1 litre as you could have spent on the real thing, nice though.😀
  12. Mine Arosa is remapped & is substantially swifter than a standard TDi so I doubt that. What is far quicker again is fitting a 1.9 tdi motor to the car.
  13. one of these? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SWAG-Oil-Pump-Timing-Chain-SET-Fits-AUDI-A2-SEAT-SKODA-VW-1-2-1-4L-045115230A/162597172937?fits=Car+Make%3AVW|Model%3ALupo&hash=item25db8bf6c9:g:s6AAAOSw6WJeMYzj#vi-ilComp
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