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  1. I'd owned mine since 1990 an early 1984 car it was much modified, larger brakes, 16v engine polybushed front end, single wiper, leather, drilled airbox and big stainless exhaust, when it was scrapped the rear door was still oozing waxoyl
  2. R53 has the supercharger fitted 168 bhp but by fitting a smaller pulley and remap it can be 210 bhp in line with the JCW model. The ordinary Cooper with the same 1.6 engine but no puffer puts out 115 bhp, a little less than the Lupo GTI but with independent rear suspension more than a match on twisty roads. If I'm being honest a basic non air con Cooper has a significantly lighter front end than the R53 with its puffer, extra radiators and hefty air con and its radiator and feels nicer to drive.
  3. Always fancied a set of these for my Mk 2 Golf 16v.
  4. The Cooper S has more power & torque than the basic Cooper which is roughly on a par with the Lupo GTI but its has the weight of the super charger, its radiator, and as often as not air conditioning that slightly compromises the handling, find a late R50 Cooper with a Getrag gear box and no air con & you might give up on a Cooper S. Both a handling revelation though compared to the Loop
  5. Most Lupo tdi models were Sports, slightly lower and stiffer than the Arosa tdi, the one I had was kidnapped by my wife as it had an electric sun roof but we ran them side by side for a while
  6. On a MK 1 and Mk 2 Golf GTI, the 16v version of which had 256 mm brakes, same as on the Lupo GTI
  7. Window winders go through the steel of the door, not the cards
  8. Colour will always be a problem though, more cat sick than hearing aid beige, but not nice and expensive to fix
  9. Hiya, anyone know where I can source these for my TDI
  10. People have little choice in many parts of Britain, which is why they place these work camps in areas of high unemployment, my grandson managed a week in Swansea Amazon during the pandemic but left because of the lack of PPE, his mother was shielding.
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