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  1. I have a bonnet, a black one that I intend fitting to my car so that frees up a perfectly good silver/grey one, if that helps
  2. Yes, its the restrictions rather than the lack of availability that will make life difficult, I suspect its also that wealthy people who can afford cars that can do large distances in electric cars want the scruffs like us off the Motorways
  3. With the end of petrol/diesel cars on the horizon I'd use it and enjoy it while I can, no point in storing it as the future will be here very quickly
  4. A/c is very rare in the UK because we don't have many days when its needed, very nice colour I had an Arosa TDI & a Sport in a similar shade of blue
  5. What I'd really like is a rear suspension from a Mk 1 Focus or a Mini r50, that on its own would bring the car bank up to date
  6. They are better made than the alternatives available at the time, and while most 106's, Ka's and Twingo's have been scrapped the Lupo and Arosa soldier on
  7. Rieger kit?, I like it and its less extreme than they did in the 80's
  8. Don't know the answer to this problem but the best seats to swap to are Arosa Sport seats, much better than anything the Lupo's have inc GTI seats
  9. Battery not connected properly
  10. The 1 litre can take any of the alloys fitted to either the Loop or the Arosa, 14" will be the most readily available but note that anything bigger than 13" will be wider and have a wider footprint, making the car look good but slowing it down, If you live anywhere near Swansea I can give [free] you a set of Arosa alloys these are 14", and look good painted black.
  11. Cheap as chips, even has proper wind up windows, if it were not for lockdown I'd have it as an extra spare car, wife would kill me though
  12. You might get a sale on this site, need details though, model, mileage, owners, the usual stuff, the things that go wrong are seized brakes, electrical issues from the damp, battery should have been disconnected, otherwise they are tough little cars
  13. Daft idea but the wrong car to start the project with.
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