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  1. Red one is a semi stripped out TDI from Ammanford that I tried to buy, no rear seats but at the time lots of potential and a bargain price
  2. Agree, can be undone from the inside, no need for damage
  3. Yep, done it before though on a Mk 2 Scirroco
  4. Seems to be mainly a drivers side issue, which is odd as I'd expect more rust on the nearside, I've had mine welded up but the car originated in Darlington so will have had a lot of winter salt exposure, the rust on the rear 3/4 is cosmetic, terrible photo though
  5. even £130 isn't bad compared to VAG
  6. If its that Red Loop from Ammanford, I would try to save it if I were you
  7. If the lower bit of the rear 3/4 on the drivers side is ok I'd buy that from you, the bit down to the rear wheel arch and including the sill about 1ft square, mines rusty and needs replacing
  8. You claim the excess from the person who caused the accident
  9. 145 bhp, not bad for an engine that can't be tuned, wouldn't have the car as a gift though, hideous
  10. I've never quite understood the "bidet" removal on our cars, the wiper lies flat so what's the problem
  11. Better looking than a Lupo but not quite as well made
  12. If you intend using it in the winter get some black waxoyl on the underside
  13. This seems to cover the basics and the interior is exceptional https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-Lupo-1-6gti-conversion/124036363816?hash=item1ce124b628:g:Qs0AAOSwuEheE51Q
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