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  1. Lovely colour, tricky bit is the connections
  2. These cars are now very old and will be a constant source of trouble for anyone who buys them, engines need rebuilding, brake lines will be corroded, master cylinder failing as well as the obvious ones like the sagging headlining and rust, [only the very earliest cars will be rust free as they were over waxoyled] not to mention the lack of power steering. Finally they have no NCAP rating, so not good to crash in at any speed
  3. Nice colour, got to be worth Β£2k
  4. weslangdon

    Need to swap

    1.4 8v, 1.4 16v 2 types, 1.6 16v, all petrol 1.4 tdi, 1.7 sdi, diesel and of course the 1.0 petrol which you have and is the easiest swap if you need a replacement
  5. There are 3 types of 1.4 litre Lupo, a 75bhp petrol, a 100bhp petrol and the TDI
  6. If you have a TDI I have a spare ecu, but it will need coding to your car
  7. The Govt has made binding CO2 commitments, and far from being harmless it is driving up the worlds temperatures acidifying our oceans and making the possibilities of releasing stored CO2 in Peat Bogs and Tundra very likely. When that happens the temperature runs away! If we were able to halt all CO2 emissions today then you are correct the planet could accommodate to elevated CO2 but given we are destroying rainforests the planet's ability to repair is impaired already. I don't see it working at all. The whole world planet is changing at an unprecedented rate.
  8. The cheek of it, given the pollution from 24 hours a day lorries and Aircraft. They can't get close to their CO2 commitment if they do that, petrol cars are up to twice as thirsty
  9. The Sport style fog lights are a nice touch
  10. Have a read of this thread, the seller fitted a 1.9 tdi engine and box to an Arosa, he said the gearbox was visually identical to the 1.4 tdi box he removed I might still have his phone number too
  11. Make it as light as possible is the answer, little point in modifying it, save up your money and buy a Sport, a TDI or a GTI
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