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  1. weslangdon

    slammed lupo

    you need to be less sensitive and more specific about what you mean
  2. weslangdon

    slammed lupo

    you risk a 2nd offence if caught using a phone to check speed
  3. weslangdon

    slammed lupo

    your speedo may not read your true speed
  4. weslangdon

    slammed lupo

    change your tyre profile to 185/60/14
  5. weslangdon

    Coilover advice

    A mk 2 Golf with Boge Turbo gas and matched and slightly lower springs, made perfect with a polybush kit
  6. weslangdon

    3rd Brake light

    I've bought one off ebay
  7. weslangdon

    3rd Brake light

    The test was done on Tuesday, I've got 5 replacement bulbs which will be good enough but not perfect, but the outside is chipping and cracking as I try to pull it out.
  8. weslangdon

    3rd Brake light

    MOT time on the Lupo TDI Sport, advisory on the 3rd brake light, I've got the replacement bulbs but the whole thing is cracking up with age, do I buy a new unit, or can I legally tape it up, the car is black so black gaffer tape will conceal it, I know that it will fall apart if I try to remove it.
  9. weslangdon

    G60 Carriers - New

    I think we both would need 15" wheels to run these in our TDI's
  10. weslangdon

    Vegetable Oil

    I have two TDI's
  11. weslangdon

    Vegetable Oil

    So possible on a SDI with blending but unwise on a TDI? My only experience of using Veg oil in in a 5 cylinder Merc diesel, where it was fine as a 50/50 blend
  12. weslangdon

    Modern Classic car insurance?

    The Lupo is not yet a classic, maybe when the earliest get to 25 years old...maybe
  13. weslangdon

    Vegetable Oil

  14. weslangdon

    Vegetable Oil

    For the SDI owner, 10 litre containers of Veg oil presumably rapeseed oil from FarmFoods for £8 a considerable saving on pump diesel even if used as a blend
  15. The body work has a few issues, so rather than buy and fix, I'll stick with what I've got, good luck with the sale

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