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  1. I have only driven 2, a Lupo Sport that had the clutch pedal issue and an Arosa Sport with the same problem but cheap which I bought and fixed. The seats in the Arosa Sport are the best available in any Lupo or Arosa model. I have a set now in my Arosa TDI
  2. Strange because the hole is square
  3. Never liked them, looked as if they were on stilts & liable to topple over. Always thought the VW Syncro Transporter from the same era made more sense, it had a crawler gear & was assembled in the SDP Factory in Graz, home of the G-Wagen
  4. Buy my Lupo TDI and get manual windows both sides, and an electric sunroof
  5. weslangdon

    Arosa TDI

    Fast Arosa, who knew
  6. Big service history every MOT, not perfect but a good one, she's bought a Golf
  7. Lupo TdI Sport, black, sun roof, gti interior, electric window delete, on Gumtree, Swansea https://www.gumtree.com/p/volkswagen/volkswagen-lupo-hatchback-2001-manual-1422-cc-3-doors/1382300382
  8. Take the old one off, quite a bit of work, but not technically difficult, take it to your local Pirtek for the broken or rusted bit to be cut out & have a join put in
  9. weslangdon

    Hi all!

    The red colours can look odd when they get old, difficult to match as there were 2 reds and its not always clear which is which. lacquer peels too. Rust on roof common on Lupo's but not on Arosa's. Superficial anyway, rust to worry about is on the lower front wishbones and the twist beam rear axle, otherwise a good car on corrosion. These are cheap to run and maintain but essentially a throw away if anything drastic happens. The ones that will remain valuable are the £30 diesels and the GTI's.
  10. On a more positive note they have often done very low miles. The Auto on the Arosa is the 8v version of the 1.4 engine with a feeble 60bhp, the one on the Lupo is the 16v cooking version with 75bhp. Both tend to be cheap so don't buy the first one you see.
  11. Fit wind ups, easier to fit, [bar a bit of drilling] they wont fail you at an inconvenient time, lighter too. Both my TDI's have manual windows now, got fed up of changing electric ones out & in again
  12. try this guy, difficult to get to but it says he will post https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Seat-Arosa-Lupo-Breaking/153991407443?hash=item23da9a6753:g:6F0AAOSw0YFe~agZ
  13. it was sold minutes after I posted this
  14. on ebay, basically a rolling shell but with interesting modifications https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vw-Lupe-1-4tdi-spares-or-repair/333647454557 engine either blown or removed, the seller hasn't said which
  15. Do you still have the Bathurst alloys, and do you want to sell them?
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