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  1. Have a read of this thread, the seller fitted a 1.9 tdi engine and box to an Arosa, he said the gearbox was visually identical to the 1.4 tdi box he removed I might still have his phone number too
  2. Make it as light as possible is the answer, little point in modifying it, save up your money and buy a Sport, a TDI or a GTI
  3. There are a few for sale in the £2500-3000 price range, most look decent, I might be tempted by the one in Cannock
  4. Why not fit manual wind up windows from a non electric window Loop or Rosa, they are forever breaking, you get fed up in the end
  5. I doubt it Llanelli gets lots of rain and negligible frost
  6. As new, no salt on their roads
  7. It looks like the seller has binned all the zero feedback bidders, so price has fallen significantly https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Seat-Arosa-1-9-TDi-Conversion-1-4-TDi-Lupo-Polo/264338295984?hash=item3d8bca4cb0:g:pIYAAOSwogpc6uoI
  8. back on at £2,500 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rally-Targa-Car-Race-Track-Ready-to-go/113765609252?hash=item1a7cf56f24:g:1d8AAOSwf6hc3WLC
  9. There are lots of things I'd want to do to it, replace the interior to start with, and some remedial work on panel gaps at the front, where its been disassembled to change the engine, the engineering though is a marvel and acceleration is like a powerful motorbike. The engineering is the value in this car.
  10. Fred, the seller says the 1.9 gearbox is visually identical to that of the 1.4 tdi, both drive shafts are modified, its in the write up, the conversion seems to me to be well engineered, its brakes are effective [they need to be] and it turns in well no noticeable understeer problems, rear exhaust is noisy but again there's an explanation for that, broken hanger. Acceleration is astonishing, gear changes brisk, so if you can forgive the tatty interior and scruffy exterior, both of which easily fixed, then this is a phenomenal little car. Fred says it does 0-60 in under 6 seconds, I believe him, this car impressed me.
  11. An Arosa TDI is cheaper but the Lupo TDI Sport has a better suspension so you will spend more fixing that
  12. I took the 50kg from the Polo 9n model the 1.4 tdi is 50kg lighter than the 1.9 but as you say the gearboxes are different so it might be marginal, I'm seeing it this evening so I will report back
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