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  1. I will, I just wonder where he escapes when I have no leakage. 5w40
  2. I mean, I added almost 1 liter of oil and the level did not rise .. It surprises me and wonders why?
  3. Hi, I have a problem. I checked the oil level yesterday and it was at a minimum. I added the oil I measured a little arrived on the dipstick. Today, the car is on a level road, the engine is cold, the level is a bit more. I poured oil again. I check the level in an hour and he is in the same place. Strange.. There are no leaks under the car, no exhaust fumes ... What is going on?
  4. Today it was possible to replace the bulbs 😃. Thank you all for your help
  5. Thanks for the answer 🙂 Pull this protruding part number 1 or the wider number 2? When I take it out, can it be lightly greased so that it comes out easier later?
  6. Someone will suggest? Because I don't know if it needs to be pulled or twisted? I tried to gently pull it out, but damn it doesn't go: (
  7. I thought these nuts are for cable assembly. and the adjustment is in this white plastic as seen in the picture. ?
  8. Can anyone tell me whether in the clutch cable without self-adjusting the nuts that I have marked are only for attaching the cable or are the clutch pedal adjusted too?
  9. This is what the parking light socket looks like for me. I bought pliers long 160mm. I understand that I have to get it somehow and pull it out?
  10. Today, the mechanic replaced a clutch cable without a self-adjuster. Gears go well, but the clutch pedal quite hard to push. But it doesn't creak. Do you have to accept it or buy a new self-regulating cable? Any of you know how to set the height of the clutch correctly?
  11. And what pliers do you use? This light bulb is simply pulled out or turned? Do you replace the lamp without removing the lamp?
  12. Hello. Can anyone tell me how to replace the parking light bulb in the front of the Seat Arosa lift. I tried, but I can't get it out. And another question. To remove the front lamps I have to disassemble the bumper?
  13. Thank you for your reply. I will check tomorrow because my wife went to work by car. But I think he'll give pedals at the same height. In general, I forgot to write that one day I buried myself. I had to smash the car in half and the clutch burned a little, because you could feel it inside the car. And from that moment the link started to shoot. Later it passed but it started to creak from time to time. And today there is a problem with running. Do you recommend a regular or self-regulating cable? https://images.app.goo.gl/xptMp3ZS1eZxXuhN6
  14. Hello, Thank you for your response. I also welcome everyone to the forum; ) I disconnected the cable from the gearbox paw and it doesn't feel resistance when I move it, so it's probably ok. Today I have a rainy day at home and there was no creaking but unfortunately the runs are hard to come up ... And it never was. So maybe start by replacing the clutch cable? Buy a simple clutch or self-adjusting cable?
  15. Hello. In December I installed a complete Sachs clutch. Because everything is beautiful, the clutch pedal went softly. Unfortunately, recently as the engine heats up when you press the clutch you can hear creaking. This is quite annoying. Is the clutch damaged? The wife also drives the car and maybe sometimes she burned the clutch ... Is the clutch cable to be replaced, for example? Or maybe somewhere you can lubricate it? Please forgive for my English :)
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