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  1. The fan is new and works for a short time connecting. Where to keep looking
  2. I recently replaced the thermostat with the housing. I wonder why at over 105 degrees Celsius only the fan turns on and it is the second gear right away? as if the thermostat was broken for the car would not heat up probably
  3. what does this controller look like? and could the thermal switch be damaged, for example? the one in the radiator, because he is probably responsible for engaging first and second gear?
  4. I bought such a fan for my car, see. https://motostacja.com/p/NISSENS-85683/ The technical drawing says slow and fast turns. Today, I connected my computer to the car. When the engine reached 106 degrees Celsius, the fan just started and was very loud, so I think it was the second gear. Shouldn't he join earlier?
  5. I need help gentleman
  6. Someone will answer my question?
  7. Hey. Today I installed a new radiator fan. I have a question. The fan switches on when: 1. I turn on the air conditioning 2. The engine temperature is high. And does the fan just have one speed in these two situations? Does it have two speeds? Because I have only one fan speed.
  8. Someone can show me a picture on the lowering 40/40 with 195/45/15 wheels?
  9. I am also at the stage of replacing the speakers in the door because the current original has broken. Is it enough to buy 160 or 165cm speakers plus distances and it will be ok? in the door, what kind of speakers should I look for? I want the top speakers near the windscreen to sound like they do today. Such speakers as in the link will match? https://allegro.pl/oferta/kenwood-glosniki-skoda-fabia-1-2-seat-arosa-przod-7715377977?utm_medium=app_share&utm_source=facebook
  10. So you can or not? do i need sports shock absorbers? Do you have a photo?
  11. Hi. Do any of you have 40/40 or 60/40 lowering springs? Can they be fitted on standard shock absorbers? Someone will show how Arosa looks on such a set?
  12. Gentlemen, do you know any exhaust tips for Seat Aros? E.g. bolted to the muffler or other
  13. I still found it. dimensions similar to those you previously wrote https://allegro.pl/oferta/uszczelka-anteny-dachowej-do-seat-arosa-6h-ibiza-8223834087?utm_medium=app_share&utm_source=facebook
  14. Well. I thought the antenna from Lupo was the same as to Arosa. The car was taken by my wife, so I can't check it now
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