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Lupo GTI Super 1600 ITB (264bhp)

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"Guten Tag" from Germany!

Lupo/Aorsa forums in Germany are absolutely boring! No one takes the initiative or can come up with something new. It is always the same. Every day! Booooring!

So here I am now.

My name is Malte, 30 years old, studied mechanical engineering and live in Berlin. I own a Lupo GTI, bought it in 2003. Since about 2004 I have constantly changed anything on the car. In the meantime, Since 2008, I use the car only to have fun on the street

or on racetracks.

My Lupo is on OZ Superturismo GT and a Lupo GTI Cup coilover suspension.

Since 2 years I built on my current engine. 250hp were the target and many many revs. A lot of work, time und money later, the engine started at the first time, 2 weeks ago. A few minor issues still need to be removed, then it goes on the street.

So far........ but see before anything else. Questions are wellcome.








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I like that the redline starts at 8000 rpm in your rew counter.

Got any more pics of the car as a whole? Looks good

The true definition of the "wolf in sheep's clothes".

Yes! My rev limiter is at 9750rpm.

Then I'll tell something more specific about the engine:

- The itb's are from a GSXR750. The air channel is completely redesigned. 46.5 mm throttle plate with 49.5 mm airhorns. (CNC milled)

- The cylinder head is also completely redesigned. In and Outlets are modified on a flowbench.

The VVT holes are closed and to adjust the valve clearance, I drilled a hole for each valve. These are simply sealed with threaded plugs, after adjustment.

New lubrication holes for the first two camshaft bearings in the Polo 16V valve cover without VVT.

- special camshafts: 311° duration, 12,95mm valve lift and 3,5mm valve lift at TDC

- valve springs with 80kg at full lift

- Titan upper retainer

- berylium valve guide

- adjustable cam wheel

- special pistons and rods

- 630ccm injectors

- A1000 Aeromotive fuel regulator

- self-construct exhaust manifold

- rest of the exhaust is from the original BTC Race Lupo

- Motec M4 Pro ECU

I'm sure I forgot a lot. The list of changes is pretty darn long.

And now, a few more photos.









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can you tell me how you managed to get your shift light to work as im struggling with wires on my gti

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