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  1. yeah ive got one handles brilliant !!
  2. Well things have taken a different turn the sub's now gone and changes are being made but I'll leave the update till next year
  3. go for thirteens you wont regret it im going lower after winter
  4. the rolls royce letters have me intrested
  5. get a wiring diagram its just a relay in theory has it got numbers by the pin
  6. what are the benefits of extended bottom arms and where can i get them
  7. how much did the springs set u back if u dont mind me asking
  8. never heard of that im looking for a blank atm you could have it mapped out but would be expencive or you coud buy a cheap fault code reader n clear it regularly
  9. you sir need a medal :0 the amount of work gob smacking
  10. the speedster was a fiberglass rep the r 8 was overated also i feel the need for a rant granted there was a lot of lupos includin 12ryans that green on on bullet wheels the silver gti on blue bbs but they werent on the club lupo stand and midway through the majority of the stand dissapered to the show and shine arena even though they were judging the cars in the club stands also they were judging the club stands making the club look disorganised poor and generaly a bad turn out. Rant over
  11. best bet would be wiring diagram in haynes manual or trace the wire back and see which one goes to earth
  12. ^^ im making one atm ill post pics
  13. ^^^^ because thats so different
  14. if its like mine which is a one liter it has a pre cat and a cat buy a four to one decat manifold off ebay improves it a bit doesnt fail emisions maked them a tad high though but ok if leave second cat in i payed about sixty for one but they retail about a hundred
  15. whats the name of the road were meeting on as theres a squigily line through it
  16. i had that trouble had to file a bit off
  17. saw this for sale like the look
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