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  1. Cleaned the car today just trying to get the paintwork up to scratch. Consisted of snow foam,shampoo,clay bar and then waxing. I'm ordering some ap coilovers soon and getting some paintwork corrected.
  2. For me personally it's when the clutch is pressed. It's almost as if I've blipped the throttle while changing gear.
  3. Today I got around to cleaning the engine bay,adding a red grille trim,change the side lights to match the xenons so they're not yellow anymore. I also cut some red carbon fibre effect vignyl and changed my badges back to red as they had gone white. Already I need to re do the front badge but that will be another day.
  4. Some pictures after today's machine polishing. Managed to get plenty of scratches out,although I'm going to get a quote for the deeper ones which will need spraying.
  5. Basically I changed both batteries and nothing worked. Then I took the keys apart again and noticed that the contact which touches the battery was bent up,it was as simple as bending it back into contact with the battery and then they were both working again. Chuffed that it was an easy fix.
  6. I've got both keys working now. Feels very odd using the remote central locking after owning the car for over two years. Also some more pictures after a clean yesterday using dodo juice.
  7. My opinion is take the advice from everybody else but if you want the GTI then go for it. I'm 21 in June and I've had my GTI since I was 18. Yes I paid more in insurance but it has dropped drastically over the last few years. Although I have had a few cars before the Lupo the first being a classic mini and the last being a Clio sport 172. Personally it's down to how you drive and whether you have previous experience driving,as others have said I've been driving and riding vehicles from an early age.
  8. Hi guys does anybody have any suggestions on what I can use to tackle rust on the outer parts of my disks. It looks so bad and the brakes have only been on the car for a few weeks. Also does anyone know where the correct positioning is for xenons? I've adjusted then manually but ideally I would like them the way they should be as I've just guessed. Thanks
  9. Nope. I'm sure that both keys are knackered. None of them have any power. Not sure what to do next.
  10. Got the front end in the garage today to change the HT leads for some OEM ones to fix a misfire. Then went onto using the snow foam lance for the first time,I'm pleased with the results. I'm hoping that the weather is better next weekend.
  11. Is that when you put one key in the ignition and do the lock ect?
  12. I've owned the car for over two years and the central locking has never worked from the fob so yeah at some point it will have been disconnected.
  13. I'm so confused haha! First things first I will try and figure out about the power with the multimeter. I don't see why the red light wouldn't flash unless say the board on the key was broken ect.
  14. I actually replaced the battery tonight in both keys and still no luck. The red light on the key isn't even coming up when I press the buttons.
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