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    Clayton's Tornado Red GTI..

    Best car on this forum, love it!

    UP! seats in LUPO

    You might need to log in and request to join the Facebook group, but here’s the link - https://www.facebook.com/groups/418929081561854?view=permalink&id=2285404508247626

    UP! seats in LUPO

    There is someone one Facebook selling a set of UP! seats which they have adapted to fit into a Lupo. Looks like they've got custom brackets and bolts for it to fit.

    Hi 👋👋

    Try VW Lupo groups on Facebook. Loads of people braking Lupos on there, so getting hold of a mirror cover shouldn't be too much of a problem!

    Lupo Enamel Pin Badges - £5

    Pretty much everything you’ve said there was spot on! They were hand enamelled, so the colours sit in the recessed metal parts of the design and flood the area. The stamp/die/tool (whatever you want to call it) is the most expensive part as you say, that why I needed a few ‘confirmed’ numbers in order for it to go ahead. 👍🏻

    Lupo Enamel Pin Badges - £5

    I'll let you know when they're back in. Red was the least popular in the poll, yet I sold all that I did. Fresco green on the other hand... 😒😑😂

    Lupo Enamel Pin Badges - £5

    Thanks mate. Glad you appreciate the detail on the Bathursts, as it took me ages to design/draw up!

    Lupo Enamel Pin Badges - £5

    I wouldn’t say the silver is fresco, it’s more grey tbh. Think it’s been made darker because of the black metal playing behind it. Ill try an even lighter grey when I do more red versions if you want to wait?

    Lupo Enamel Pin Badges - £5

    I'm out of red, but I'll get some new ones made up. Didn't realise that colour would be as popular as it has been!
  10. T3LLIOTT

    Lupo Enamel Pin Badges - £5

    I also didn’t know this. Thanks for the info, I’ll look into this for future items.
  11. T3LLIOTT

    Lupo Enamel Pin Badges - £5

    Okay that’s cool. Just thought it would be easier and show I’m ‘geniune’ etc. Anyone that doesn’t want to use Etsy can PayPal and send funds across to tom@houseoflogos.co.uk £5 each and make sure you put the colours you want and your address 👍🏻
  12. T3LLIOTT

    Lupo Enamel Pin Badges - £5

    Okay here goes... We've got the pin badges finished and all set up to purchase. Hope you like them! 😅 Please head to this link to purchase (and leave a review too if possible 😘) - https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/680379287/vw-lupo-gti-enamel-pin-badge?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=vw+lupo&ref=sr_gallery-1-15&organic_search_click=1&frs=1&col=1 Couple of pictures below of how they look . I think the silver has come out slightly darker than planned, due to it being based on black metal.
  13. T3LLIOTT

    2001 Lupo 1.0 for sale

    Not really. Maybe £100 tops with curb marks, bad paint and no centre caps.
  14. T3LLIOTT

    Lupo Enamel Pin Badges - £5

    I'm going to do a run of 50 (I know I will have leftovers, but people might come on board once they see them). Seeing the response to the colours, silver seems to be the biggest demand. Followed by black and green. Initial colour quantities will be... 6 - Red 10 - Black 18 - Silver 10 - Green 6 - Blue
  15. T3LLIOTT

    Lupo Enamel Pin Badges - £5

    Okay guys and girls, I'm going to get these into production and see how they go! 😁 I'll post some pictures up and let you know how to order/pay when they're finished.

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