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  1. Bloody lovely car this mate. Makes me miss my red one.
  2. Ah fair enough, its similar but this has a slight blue pearl to it.
  3. Cheers guys, Its Mercedes Palladium Silver. And yeah its bagged. lol
  4. I cant believe I started this topic 6 years ago, and im still here with a lupo. Some up-to-date pictures of mine... Cumbria VAG 2014 by Anthony Seed, on Flickr Cumbria VAG 2014 by Anthony Seed, on Flickr
  5. Anyone on here? I was at Tesco filling the van up today and you came and pulled up at the pump alongside. Looked very cool anyway.
  6. You did minus 7 whereas it should be plus 7. Otherwise the normal offset would be minus 30odd.
  7. Well, here we have it after years of talking about it, We thought it would be great to have our own show, so in May of 2014 we are holding a German/VAG car show in Worden Park in Leyland. Autofinesse are sponsoring the event and have prizes to give away to winners Show n Shine (Trophies to be won) Clubstands (We would like a Club Lupo Stand) Traders Autojumble Entertainment TBA See everyone there. If your interested in showing your car / club / autojumble or you fancy a trading plot, please email us. General Enquires - info@un-phased.co.uk Clubstands -
  8. If a wheel is 1" wider then doesn't it add 0.5" each side rather than 1" on the front If the offset is the same?
  9. It depends how low you are. I'm running 15x7 ET-7 (yes minus 7) and they fit really nice on a gti. By my calculations these will stick out 5.2mm more. Can someone correct me if my sums are wrong?
  10. you would still have to be stupidly low to pull off 13s
  11. If you are not gonna lower it then it doesn't really matter.
  12. @earni31 i think im following quite a few peeps off here already
  13. lol, You sure this wasn't my lupo? the wrap is tatty as on mine!!!
  14. i was gonna say, the m62 goes east to west, there is no north lol
  15. Thnks man, some of them took a while. Its making the logos thats the hard work.
  16. Sorry to drag this topic back up but i was just reading and wondered if anyone still plays? i mostly just do painting, heres a link to my design thread: http://forums.forzamotorsport.net/forums/thread/4956321.aspx
  17. EaRNi!

    I'm back!

    I live in burnley mate, im sure ive seen your car knocking about in standish? am i wrong?
  18. Na mate, its always a Thursday but most of the time they go on well into the night.
  19. The 3rd Thursday of every month. Have a look here: http://www.un-phased.co.uk
  20. Try Unphased meets, held near Preston every month
  21. Are the arches same as a gti? If So they will fit.
  22. EaRNi!

    I'm back!

    I must admit, the bodywork isnt great. She gave me loads of the vinyl though so I will just pull off 1 panel at a time, get the paint sorted out then re-wrap it. The expense is spread out that way. The interior is awesome though. Cant wait to get my RMs on it. As for the mk2 theres a link to my build here: http://forum.un-phased.co.uk/index.php?topic=390.0 its not been updated for ages because its just stayed the same lol
  23. Im positive, I had et23 on my old gti. Imo the et53 look awful.
  24. I used to run these, they fit fine, little bit of scrubbage on the front but nothing too major. Depends how arsed you are about tyres
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