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  1. The car handles great now, my issue with tram lining is gone. It has been said before on this forum; Don't bother with powerflex bushes on the Lupo, it's a waste of time and money.
  2. Finally had the time to take a look at this today. This bushing doesn't look to healthy. It was mounted the right way. Will report back how the car handles in a few days. My old wishbones was oem, so nothing funky with that. Replaced wishbones and a few other parts with oem parts.
  3. Im not sure you are wrong? It's strange. The left arm seems to be upside down (right arm mounted on the wrong side?). But there is only one partnr for wishbone, so can't really be upside down. Not sure what to make of this... Photo of my right side Today or tomorrow i will get new wishbones that i ordered, will be interesting to se how they look. Can someone who reads this snap photos of left and right side? Doesn't have to be a GTI or even polybushes.
  4. No need, It was super obvious now when i looked at the car(One side is correct) and in the pdf. Kind of embarrising that i havent figured this out myself.
  5. Thank you for the investigation. I think you are right. So one garage mounted it wrong and another missed this while aligning! I will try to mount it the right way! I'll report back in a couple of days.
  6. I don't have a good source or facts but i never heard about a tdi gearbox breaking! I used to drive a 1.4tdi and i loved it, great cars. The cam belt operation was not super cheap on that engine, consider that when buying.
  7. What does ECP stand for? I use this site http://www.partscats.infoto get part numbers, and then look around for a good deal. But as we know some parts are GTI specific, and to avoid the risk of buying twice i got those via the stealers! Some price examples from the dealer just for fun; wishbone 90gbp/each, balljoint 105gbp/each, arb link 30gbp/each. Top it of with some new bolts and a new alignment and we have a nice big dent in the wallet!
  8. Well i will never buy em again! Big order placed on the stealership, my god the parts are expensive to this little car.
  9. Update. I gathered my tools and went out to take a look a my car, i found something scary: The Powerflex bushing has broken, really great after 2-3000miles. I tried to convince it with my jacklift, and it actually jumped in to place: But after a quick spin around the street is was back to previous state. Guess i will be opening my wallet again. Regardning balljoints: Mine are gti ones and toe was no problem when aligning.
  10. Interesting topic, I'm experiencing similar issues with my gti. But i don't know if it's really something wrong or if this is the way a lupo drives. My lupo is very sensitive to tracks in the road (tram lining?) and it has some torque steer, which i find weird with 150nm on tap. The car recently had kw v1's fitted and alignment done, it's not slammed. Also recently replaced both front wheel bearings, so i had a good chance to inspect everything up front. It just passed annual inspection. What i suspect is either that i run wheels with slightly different ET (37 vs. 40-something on bathurst), or my powerflex bushings in the control arms. The bushings looked kind of worn when i did the bearing job(bushing are maybe 3000miles old).
  11. The user 99hjhm has done this on his gti. I don't know if there is any info in the thread, but you could PM him. Please post the info if you sort it out. http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/53864-lupo-gti-oeem/
  12. The cup cars have adjustable top-mounts and reinforced rear beam. But for a streetcar with the mods already mentioned thats probably overkill.
  13. The red sticker fades over time. I simply removed mine while i was waiting for a new badge to be delivered.
  14. Another vote for wheel bearing loose or/and broken.
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