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  1. It is selfmade on a cnc. How much Do you need? Basically I could help you.
  2. And another one. Acceleration from 3rd to the 5th gear at round about 215kph.
  3. A bit of rubber spread on the concrete...
  4. Initial tests with the launch control and legal street setup. Still too much smoke and too hard tires. That's it for this year. In winter, a new and better cylinder head is planned, as well as a different intake manifold. Also, I'm going to build a new exhaust manifold to find the perfect possible engine setup. Then I have to search for a suitable gearbox. The spread from gear to gear is just too big and shifting over 8500rpm is not possible without declutching.
  5. The engine is fitted for round about 12.000rpm, but I rev it to 10.800rpm so far on a dyno. But still testing on the road. The gearbox does much trouble during shifting over 9000rpm.
  6. There are actually no news. A few kilometres and stickers later...
  7. My engine in 2011 (~ 180bhp) and 2012 (~ 200bhp)
  8. Yes, thank you for the excellent feedback. I did not realize that so much was written here. I will try to show more. Here's a video of one of the first tests.
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