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  1. Ok so tighten until bolt snap +1/4 turn with 3/4 1000mm breaker bar?
  2. Hello! I could not found the torque spec for the bolt 6 in the picture. It's a 10.9 M12x1,5x35 bolt that's between the transmission console and the rubber bushing. I believe it's a stretch one. Help a man out here.
  3. Decades worth of grease and dirt washed off the transmission. Going to try if Hammerite sticks on the surface and paint it just for cleaner looks.
  4. Also new bushes for control arms and Powerflex bush for the dogbone mount.
  5. Treatment for the collapsed cat came from Kam Racing. Catless headers followed by 2,5ยจ Bastuck catback.
  6. That piece is just some paint chip off the block that happened to fall in there but the cell looks pretty much collapsed imo.
  7. And when undoing the exhaust I found this: Didn't even know there was a cat there but this one wasn't breathing too well I think.
  8. Took the transmission out. Seems like some of the previous owners had done the clutch already as I think oem one would be LUK. Epytec lightweight flywheel going in and new clutch parts just for the sake for it. Need to weight the oem flywheel for comparison. I think I will give the transmission a good clean with pressure washer and maybe some paint as it looks filthy now.
  9. Do they fit straight in? Did not know that...
  10. I have an OEM Polo 6r aerial, would recommend. It's a bit longer than the Sharan stubby one.
  11. No you don't. DSC_6442 by Leevi Myyry, on Flickr
  12. DSC_6442 by Leevi Myyry, on Flickr
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