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  1. Do love a raven blue should get 4K for this.
  2. My gti also passed on Saturday only advirsories were brake pads so not bad at all ?
  3. Oh not to far from me then we should all try and meet up when weather is better as would love to get a local Dub group setup.
  4. Hi there, no cant make ultimate dubs sadly. I live in Cannock how about you?
  5. Hey all got a spare gti front wing need to get rid of as baby on the way and need the funds. It's up on eBay for £100 but open to offers on it.
  6. Definitely mate would love to meet some Lupo/arosa locals
  7. Got a gti front driver side wing in good condition all clips ok and no dents or fillers. £100 collection WS12 postcode.
  8. Cheers mate. Yea will be in Tamworth so not to far away
  9. Not sure mate as new job and not sure I'll be free for this weekend :/
  10. Yes mate it was you looked smart I was a couple of cars behind in my white gti
  11. Would people be interested in doing a stand as not seen a club Lupo stand at any shows.
  12. Missus has a janspeed on hers sounds really nice. I've got a scorpion back box sounds decent but I miss the twin pipes
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