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Members ICE install.

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NSB75 battery up front,

Alternator cable upgraded,

Alpine W3202R Double Dinn

Genesis Profile Two

Focal K2Ps 6.5"

Kenwood 940D

Fi SSD 10"

4 guage & 8 guage Auto leads kit,

Fat max, STP, 'bassboy' 4mm deadening and expandable foam used.





Alpine & Focals








What did you do with the all the cables that are fused on those rails in the "cable tidy" black box thing that's normally on the positive terminal of the battery in the front?

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I reckon mdf boarding with the vw logo cut out and then the cloth lining stretched over the top. And either some led strips powered by ignition or the lights from the amp underneath giving the blue glow.

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Pioneer DEH X6500 DAB ( struggling with reception )

Kenwood KAC-9152D 900 wrms 2ohm

Kicker Solo Baric 12" L7 

1.6 cuft sealed poly filled.

Still need to change the front components and sort out the radio reception. Capet the rear seats and sides.

Boot build.jpg

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