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  1. 54Arosa

    Looking for my old Arosa's...

    Want to see if the two arosa's i've had are still about, and possibly buy one of them back! Red 1.0 reg EA54TJO Silver Sport VX04GVN i would love to buy my sport back my biggest regret selling it
  2. 54Arosa

    Discount Seat Parts

    Completely forgot about this thread, can be deleted now as I no longer work at Seat...
  3. For sale is my Mafiabikes Blackjack, in black. Has been well looked after but has a few little scrapes. Selling because i no longer use it looking for £80 can supply pictures upon request
  4. 54Arosa

    GTi Exhaust

    This has probably already been answered and my apologies if it has been but i havent got time to look about the forum right now. Does the Lupo GTi exhaust bolt straight on to an arosa/lupo sport manifold? Thanks in advance for the help
  5. 54Arosa

    My 1.8T 20v Conversion

    Havent read all of this so please excuse me if this has been answered... But how does it drive? Obviously it's like s*** off a shovel, but handling wise?
  6. 54Arosa

    175/50R13 Maxxis MAZ1 x2

    They're for a 13x7 wheel, looks really good on the lupo/arosa slammed
  7. 54Arosa


    Looking to upgrade the exhaust on my Arosa Sport, but cant afford the entire catback just yet, is there anywhere anyone knows of that sells just the center section with no silencer in just to improve the sound for now until i can afford the back box? Any help appreciated and sorry if this is the wrong section for this post wasnt sure where else to post it!
  8. 54Arosa

    175/50R13 Maxxis MAZ1 x2

    I have for sale 2x brand new 175/50R13 MAXXIS MAZ1 tyres, need gone as they are no longer required and are getting in the way, they have never been driven on and still have the labels on looking for £80 ovno.
  9. I have for sale a pedal box that I bought for my car but discovered it was wrong and could not return the part hence the sale. As stated in the title it is FOR VEHICLES WITH CABLE ACCELERATOR ONLY, can provide the part number if asled. This is the revised part with more weld so it will not break again, looking for £40 can arrange delivery at an extra cost.
  10. 54Arosa

    Beloved Pedal Box Issue

    Just had the inevitable pedal box failure, ordered the part up today for the morning (i work at a Seat dealer in parts). Any advise on fitting and or things to look out for? Thanks guys!
  11. 54Arosa

    13 inch wheels

    Do 13" wheels fit over lupo/arosa sport brakes?
  12. 54Arosa

    Flip Key Question

    Yes mine has factory central locking, any idea how i can adapt a VW key do you know?
  13. 54Arosa

    Flip Key Question

    It's the black nugget thing im talking about, definitely a geuine key
  14. I know this topic has been covered a few times - but i want to do the flip key conversion on my 2004 Arosa Sport. I took my existing remote key apart and noticed i dont have the usual grain of rice trasponder, mine is more of a box? i know with the Lupo's they use a 434mhz key, where as the Arosa uses a 433mhz? I cant find any genuine Seat flip keys that use 433mhz, however have found one that uses 433.92mhz will this still work? Does it have a 'grain of rice' style transponder or my style? Confused

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