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  1. Yup, retrofitted a load of stuff to an x class the other day and the looms had Nissan all over them, and the citan has Renault stickers all over it. What he’s saying is Mercedes - like most manufacturers - are in cahoots with a load of others, basically so they can sell the same product with a few upgrades for a lot more money.
  2. Not on a mondeo no.
  3. It’s like the opposite of a cup, think of it like a tapered flute \_/
  4. No cups, pressed splines.
  5. Pete


    Kill two birds - drive down hill, knock it into neutral and bounce the throttle off the limiter.
  6. Pete

    Lupo tdi leaking

    Just park on the grass.
  7. Tbf who doesn’t lock up their car when they leave it anyway. I’d be more worried about the car or it’s contents going walkies rather than a flat battery. However saying that I’d say there is something wrong with your car if something isn’t going to sleep simply because you haven’t locked it.
  8. Pete

    MK4 golf pops and bangs???

  9. Pete

    What Dash Switches fit into the Lupo?

  10. Pete

    Hi 👋👋

    Just for the record my favourite flavour ice cream is pistachio. But there is only one place in a town called Cromer where they do it just right.
  11. Pete

    Hi 👋👋

    Well I think it’s quite obvious where I go.
  12. Pete

    Hi 👋👋

    I am the main ingredient.
  13. Pete

    Black Lupo GTI & liquid yellow Clio V6

    What a bloody waste.

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