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  1. Looks like you could do with some strap pads.
  2. What happens when you put the clutch in? Have you looked underneath to see what your drive shafts look like whilst the noise is occurring?
  3. We’re all related sir...
  4. Hi mate, welcome along. Any pics?
  5. Tbf more often than not when I’ve coming across an idle rattle like this it’s either been the dmf falling to bits or the release bearing.
  6. Obviously that sticker is telling you not to stick your hand down where the cooling fans are.
  7. I’d say your car isn’t breathing right. Even if a pollen filter isn’t fitted you shouldn’t get fumes in your cabin. But to help the situation if it hasn’t got one in then just, well, put one in. 90 second job.
  8. It’s just you mention several garages in your posts. If the vehicle isn’t fit to drive then shouldn’t you be getting your home mechanic to do all the digging? You’d more than likely dodge all the crap with people trying to rip you off if you get someone in the trade to do all the dog work. Also you mentioned your mechanic showed you corrosion on the ecu pins, but another garage that you’ve took it to aside from the garage you’ve used for 15 years has said that there is no corrosion. What happened there?
  9. Isn’t a garage and a mechanic pretty much the same thing? Or does your mechanic just go work for each of the garages you take your car to?
  10. Yup, retrofitted a load of stuff to an x class the other day and the looms had Nissan all over them, and the citan has Renault stickers all over it. What he’s saying is Mercedes - like most manufacturers - are in cahoots with a load of others, basically so they can sell the same product with a few upgrades for a lot more money.
  11. It’s like the opposite of a cup, think of it like a tapered flute \_/
  12. Pete


    Kill two birds - drive down hill, knock it into neutral and bounce the throttle off the limiter.
  13. Just park on the grass.
  14. Tbf who doesn’t lock up their car when they leave it anyway. I’d be more worried about the car or it’s contents going walkies rather than a flat battery. However saying that I’d say there is something wrong with your car if something isn’t going to sleep simply because you haven’t locked it.
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