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  1. Right not been on here in a while not much going on,untill today, loop now has some new shoes:Dwill get some pics up tomorrow:D untill then anyone got some ideas of what they could be?
  2. cheers mate,sorry i have only just got back to you didnt go in my build thread because i never thought anyone went on it,haha well.. i got them off a lad on here there from a lupo gti and what i believe they are really hard to get hold of, took me a while to find some.
  3. Cheers for the reply mate but think ill just stick with the standard one then:P too much workenvolved for me! Haha
  4. Right just wondering if anyone on here is heading down to the meet? Ment to be atleast 200 people hopfully. All for a good cause cancer research. Cheers
  5. Really lookig foward to gwtting one let us know once there all done:)
  6. Looks wicked base mate love the colour and the open air on to a winner there mate
  7. haha.. yeah hoping to find someone that had done it too.. thats what im worried about the air bag not working or randomly go off I think it looks quite cool though.. cant seem to find the picture now either haha.
  8. Just wondering have you got the normal loop ones for sale mate? im really intrested, Cheers.
  9. Sorry mate i swear there used to be a how to well i have seen it somewhere sorry i couldnt help.
  10. so.. im just wondering does anyone know if a audi a3 steering wheel would be a straight swap i know it goes on because i came across a loop on fle-bay and it had one on it and i had one lying around in the shed so thought i would ask before i try it because i dont want to put it on and something happen to the air bag or take mine off and realise it was a waste of time haha. Cheers ,Owen.
  11. im sure there is a guide on here mate.. ill have a quick check for you in a min and if i come across it i will post
  12. wana stilll by an install mate? I know some one selling one if your intrested pm me:)
  13. Thanks guys answered my questions and they cant say much about the lights i have xenon lights and people think i have them on main beam all the time haha Cheers once again for answering my questions:D
  14. Just wondering has anyone done it on their headlights? Just wondering how you get on with mot and police etc.. or if its even legal? Cheers.
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