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  1. Thanks ever so much guys for the help; been a bit unwell today and had to call in sick, so if I'm feeling better this afternoon, i'll give the "just removing indicators by removing the screws by feel and trying not to drop them" method a go, and see what happens would it be best to unplug the indicators before removing the screw or vice versa? Thanks again
  2. I apologise firstly, if this topic is in the wrong place. Does anyone have a step - by - step guide/ quick worded guide on how to remove the indicator panel; I've tinted my indicators with yellow tint film, without removing the panel; there's a huge crease on one side where I could wrap it around the light lens properly. I want to do it again properly. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  3. Nice to see some of my photos doing the rounds on here! The Lupo is coming along very nicely man; have to make sure I catch this again to snap it in its revised form! :-)
  4. What did you do with the all the cables that are fused on those rails in the "cable tidy" black box thing that's normally on the positive terminal of the battery in the front?
  5. What's below your boot/ floor build if you don't mind my asking? have you make a box underneath for the sub to sit in or is it just open underneath? I'm thinking of making a boot build soon, but need some advice on what to do for the underside of the floor
  6. Getting there man, plans for mine are wheels which are en route from EOW, and JOMs after that a question though, what's the ride comfort and handling / "road holding" like on them? I've heard things from both ends of the review spectrum :L
  7. Where's the best place to ground the amp? Somewhere fairly easy to access
  8. How do you pull off the plastic trim in the bootlid? I've got as far as taking the torx screws out of the boot lid trim handles, popped out the white clips. I can flex the trim down far enough to see the hose has popped off, but I can't pull the trim off anymore. It looks like there's bigger clips inside that are part of the trim, but I can't relieve them from the slots there in. Any ideas?
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