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  1. Sounds like they're trying to fob you off. (Pun intended)
  2. same issue, mine will lock but wont unlock, today it did neither, im going to take mine in to a garage if you get no luck,
  3. BlackArosa

    Red Lupo

    Red vw lupo spotted at Next Head Office In Enderby with red interior?
  4. I wouldnt change my lights for the lupo ones, lupo ones are good for rat look tho.
  5. Defo good idea, If you need some help planning we can meet up and discuss some stuff and hopefully get a good turn out, And You could maybe have the first day for people that want to turn out to just a day event and those that want to stay can continue on to a different location to go camping for a long weekend? i would be interested in that!
  6. Whoever it is, They eint gonna tell you now you've mocked them lol
  7. i know this is a bit off topic but. ive recently removed my battery and charged it and since putting it on again, my car will lock and unlock with central locking if i use the key. but it only locks with the key fob and the unlock button doesnt work. Any ideas what it could be?
  8. i doubt it cause the wipers mounted over it :L
  9. my key fobs playing up and will only lock the car so i thaught it could be something to do with when i took my battery of for a few days so i tried disconecting it and then locking car and putting it back on and stuff like that... still havent figured out why its doing it
  10. skezza, mine was hanging through the engine bay and dragging on the floor held on by a thin peice of tube so... dunno
  11. I Thaught of it DBlock. im wondering if i used some cilit bang in water and left it for a bit? just wondering if it would damage the plastic. and jamesdeane91, its both of the rear ones unfortunately any suggestions appreciated as i wanna have a crack at it tomorrow.
  12. How are you coming along with yours then bibbles? Done anything yet?
  13. I know that the ones for mk2 arosa models are just a replacement grille with the light built in but ive no clue on how electronics work so im not even going to attempt it. let me know how you get on though please and good luck
  14. White Arosa spotted just off shilton road in barwell, Leicestershire. Seen parked a few times near our house
  15. Those mounts either side of your centre ashtray. where did you get those? they look brill.
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