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Members ICE install.

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its a sql set up andy so the fi q dual 2 is running sealed but is being given 1200 at 1 ohm from a DLS A3 its no way as lond as your blt but the sq of the system has to be heard to be appreciated i was gonna compete in emma this year but there are so many vw shows im commited to this year i just couldnt juggle the two, as for the FI one word awesome

loving the look of the install! :P Looks awesome in the red! Have you entered in any of the emmas yet dubsy as i would like to this year and was just wondering how you found it?

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Well, i would care if it was my car. I will sound crap. At least put the componants at the front where they are supposed to be?

I dont mean to be rude fella, but its just the biggest pile of turd atm.

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Well this is mine, 12" alphasonik sub powered by a 4 channel 1200 watt power strike amp, front door speakers consist of two 6" fli comps and two 6" pioneers (suprisingly good!)standard vw tweeters and temporary ripspeed headunit (i know) alpine headunit on its way, and autoleads wiring kit and speaker cables all the way through :)



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NSB75 battery up front,

Alternator cable upgraded,

Alpine W3202R Double Dinn

Genesis Profile Two

Focal K2Ps 6.5"

Kenwood 940D

Fi SSD 10"

4 guage & 8 guage Auto leads kit,

Fat max, STP, 'bassboy' 4mm deadening and expandable foam used.





Alpine & Focals








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been lookin at ye's boots lad and lassys lookin well lol thought i would get mine up lol................... this is my 3rd and final go had al add photos up of the first one.......... and the second was just an amp change =)

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