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  1. HAHAHA yes dude i did! we were loitering around in the game isle seeing if theyd already put it out, was you one of the other 2 kids who bought it ? i had no idea man. haha. should have said something.
  2. i dont remember that day at all, but cool dude! yeah man it will be awesome to see your car rolling round and to finally meet you haha
  3. thanks man! was just about to post this up! went to EE on the weekend, show was really good, becoming one of my favourite of the year. photos! we stopped on the way to get some air in my friends tyres, just happened to park up like this and get an awesome photo and rolling shots... And Craig Mahoney managed to get this awesome shot of the car parked up at EE next on the to do list is: camber shims something between 5 - 8mm rear spacerstemporarily spray over my rusted wingfind a new wing service!
  4. how much have you been paying for replacements sumps? i wouldnt mind if they were like £30 (what my friend pays for his) but arent they like 100?
  5. has anyone raised a 1.4 tdi engine before? ive done some searches around this forum,edition38 and google in general and found nothing. im having serious clearance issues, surely i cant be the only one. any help appriciated
  6. wow thanks people. had the car up yesterday to see how the undertray was doing, its pretty wrecked. burnt a hole through it. so ive pulled it off, and then hit my sump twice that same day, no cracks yet though!
  7. ive had a few opportunities but to be honest im not that bothered, part of me thinks i prefer it without them ive got older pictures but theyre all of the car a bit higher as i seem to be lowering it about twice a week. some have loads of photos coming soon when i get out and do a proper shoot. if youre on instagram theres loads of pictures on my page: fourseasonsuk thanks dude! im very happy with it, getting all the economy i need now with my 400 miles a week, all with my sump about 2 fingers off the floor
  8. i dont even miss the lupo, this thing is so cool
  9. 165/45s are now on, its so much lower! these photos were taken just after putting them on and messing with the suspension, looking at it i think its dropped a bit more since. Drove up to a JDM meet yesterday with a friend in his ridiculously low Corrado. some of the peoples faces when we were going over speedbumps were hilarious. Showing them what real low looks like. Sump is about 2 fingers from the floor, lets see how many days i last before i smash my sump doing 400 miles a week
  10. i dont come post or even come on this forum really anymore, but i have to tell you how incredible those wheels are. suit the car so well. the RW's were nothing compared to these.
  11. worst thing you could ask on this forum man.
  12. love a tractor! finally getting some nice mpg and not hearing my car scream on the motorway everyday. 165/45/15s ordered. more low needed.
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