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  1. Hello mate think I’ve seen your car around 

  2. Bit of a change of heart, you had big plans for the new year! Nice car though
  3. you don't happen to post anything do you? Looking for a drivers window switch, the whole unit with the passenger controls too
  4. Spotted a blue lupo, lowered with anth alloys on, roof rack and club lupo sticker on near side rear window parked opposite the o2 shop or costa i think at cheshire oaks, who was it?
  5. That's a really good idea, i might have to try and come up with something i want as a gearknob
  6. It is a myth, you've been misled all your life
  7. There's no gaps that lead water directly to the headlamps.... Feel free to come round and check if you're that worried that water will get to the wires. Now if the front of the headlights were open that'd be a different story, but I haven't had a problem since I removed the covers..
  8. Gutted that I haven't got a spare 150 quid for those bbs on the eBay link, they look mint
  9. Which hole? I have an engine cover and full coverage underneath, no gaps, unless you think heat from the engine will harm it which isn't the case. Things are out there for a reason yeah but in my case the covers were trapping moisture in and the lenses were constantly condensated, now I've removed them they're fine..
  10. Audi TT knee bars, that's what i've just ordered
  11. What wheel is that? And how much do they go for?
  12. It's not really exposed, it's in an enclosed engine bay
  13. this is a good guide, hopefully will be doing this fairly soon!
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