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  1. Hi guys, have my GTI bagged and recently the rear has been creaking when it's running low. (Seems to be a common issue from searching the forums) I'm still running the rear shocks from the AP Coilovers I had fitted previously. Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations on new rear shocks, now that I'm running lower, or should I just leave them as is? Cheers!
  2. bennyx_o

    Lupo GTi 1.8T - Flash Red

    Interested in a few bits (Mirrors, Front Bumper, Pop outs & tailgate) These still available?
  3. bennyx_o

    Black 1.8t 20v Lupo... 423 BHP

    Nice, much arch work needed?
  4. bennyx_o

    Lupo gti - L2UPD

    If you do decide to split, I'll take the interior! Standard + cash
  5. bennyx_o

    Black 1.8t 20v Lupo... 423 BHP

    Wheels look excellent. They 9s on the rear?
  6. bennyx_o

    My GTi

    Another slight update.... Boot build is complete and looks excellent IMO! Some pics below And an arty shot from the lads who completed the install.. OZ Turbos have also been split and barrels sent off to be powercoated. Ordered 2" Radinox lips for the front and 2.5" for the rear. Doubt they'll be built up for Dubshed, but not to worry! Few more plans to come to fruition, including sorting the interior out!
  7. bennyx_o

    My GTi

    So this happened....
  8. bennyx_o

    Red Lupo GTI

    Absolutely love this car. Loved it on the CC10s! Also, not usually a fan of 3DSM 0.05s, but they looks excellent on this
  9. Looks great, wheels are awesome. Great colour too
  10. bennyx_o

    Lupo Gti

    What was wrong with the keys? Have a similar issue with mine
  11. bennyx_o

    My GTi

    Cheers, well worth the price! Find it excellent so far Yeah, I really like the black, even if it is a pain to keep clean. The cars going back in early March to have Gladen speakers fitted to the front, a Mosconi amp and gladen sub fitted to the rear and the guy is going to sort out the head unit then.

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