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  1. I'll have third dibs please. ? Money waiting as soon as you say the word. Cheers.
  2. Very possibly. They're et38 if I remember correctly, so by the time you've added te adapters to convert from 5x100 then they might be too pokey.
  3. It was an old man's car, it was my dad's! I had just borrowed it for the weekend. Who in their right mind would want a Vectra?
  4. Haha. It was when I'd gotten the VX220 and was going to sell the Lupo, then the VX was a pain, so I came in my Dad's A6, then I ended up swapping back to the Lupo to sell the VX. The A6 was cool! It wasn't uncomfortable at first, but I think the cheap coilovers worsened quickly and it became pretty bumpy. Of course it was on Bentley wheels with 35 profile tyres, which didn't help. But what's not to get? He wanted a car with 5 seats and a big boot. Lowering it didn't take that away.
  5. Yes, but there are a couple of little bits you need to do. I had to bend the mounts a bit to get them closer to the hangers on the car. That's if you're going for the cat pipe too. The manifold touches the plastic bit that the undertray connects to, so I had to trim around it, and the undertray won't fit back on. It's a bit of a fanny on to fit, but it does give a performance improvement. At least mine did with a 100 cell cat.
  6. Had my GTI for 6 years. Sold it for a mk2 TT over two years ago. I like the TT, and it's nice to drive. But it's not fun. I don't love it like I did the Lupo. But saying that, I don't often 'miss' it. Only when I see an old photo of it or when convoying to shows with other Lupo GTIs. My brother has it now, so I see it often, but it doesn't hold the same appeal to me now it's back to standard.
  7. New Minis are 4x100. And 56.1mm centre bore, if I remember correctly. 0.5mm around the circumference of the centrebore? That's nowt. A little bit of sanding would sort that out pretty quickly I would have thought. And it's BOUGHT!
  8. Should be fine with 195/45s. 195/50s will be too big.
  9. I just placed my aerial underneath the top centre part of the dash, easy enough to poke it up there, didn't require any fixing in place and worked perfectly.
  10. Bluloop (now MrColinG, if you want to find his thread) did it in his first GTI I think. Size wise, the fronts are fine, the rears are actually too narrow, so he had the outer edges built up before having them retrimmed.
  11. Philplop

    Wheels for GTI ?

    Silver! is pretty old now, he gets mixed up sometimes. His wheels are 7"x15".
  12. Philplop

    Wheels for GTI ?

    If you had a 6" wheel and a 7" wheel, both with the same offset, then there would be half an inch extra towards the outer arch, and half an inch towards the suspension strut. My car was pretty low, so that's probably why it rubbed compared to others of te same offset. And as Ray said, tyre brand and model can affect it too, different makes can be totally different widths/shapes, even though they're the same size. I wouldn't go bigger than a 195/40/16 on a Lupo. Have you had a look at willtheyfit.com? It's good for getting your head around how it all works.
  13. Philplop

    Wheels for GTI ?

    The offset of a wheel is measured from it's centre point. So if you had a 6" (J actually refers to the tyre mounting face shape, not the width of the wheel, but most people use it wrongly. Including me until quite recently ) wheel and an 8" wheel with the same size tyre fitted and the same offset, the tyre would sit in exactly the same place on the road, if that makes sense. You might get away with those size wheels if you're only slightly lowered. I had 7" et30 with 195/45 and 8" et25 with 205/45 and they both rubbed. I would say that although you may get away without rubbing, I don't think
  14. That's the kind of thing I was trying to explain. Good to see it works. Wish I knew it was that simple before I paid a fortune to get my ones made up! After fitting some Volvo seats in our T5 it's made me a lot more confident with stuff like this.
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