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  1. The polo handle has a which inside which then activates a popper inside the polo latch
  2. I'm just gathering all the bits to add a polo 6R boot handle into the bootlid of my lupo. The biggest issue I'm having at the moment is figuring out how to get the polos handle (microswitch) to work with my non central locking lupo. Has anyone got any ideas? Thanks
  3. Another 2 1/2 years have rolled bye without an update. Major updates Fitted a set of Porsche 997 front seats in Agate grey were fitted, and then had the rear seast, door cards, Recaro rear headrest and lupo gti steering wheel wrapped in matching Porsche leather. We finally got the Ipad mini finished off; audio is running via wifi to an Audison Bit Ten D processor. Then last summer I finally opted for air suspension, in the end we went for airlift front struts and Hp Drivetech rear bags and dampers, running of 3/8 Airlift V2
  4. Used a couple of time, all in good condition. Pictures up soon.. £20 posted
  5. I have a full set of Gti KW V1 coilovers here they are the classic line and not the inox line, used for a couple of years but all adjust fine with no leaks. IM me if interested
  6. I have a set of Gti one where with abs sensors. I need to check the weight but should be able to do £60 posted
  7. As above please PM
  8. As above. please PM
  9. But you have more surface area of disk per rotaion of the wheel for the pad to clam onto. On your basis everyone might aswell have 200mm disks and just really big brake pads.
  10. Ultimate Stance 2014 We would like to invite you to Ultimate Stance 2014 the New Indoor Event to be held on Sunday 2nd November and will be bringing together over 250 of the Best Stanced Show Cars under one roof, along with over 350 Outdoor Show & Club Stand vehicles together at the Telford International Centre, UK. Following on from our Ultimate Dubs event, the new event will be bringing the same great atmosphere, but now open to all marques of vehicles, making for a great variety of show vehicles. The show will also feature trade stands, vehicle displays, club stands and many other attra
  11. Well having a bigger discs gives your pad a larger circumference to clamp on to, in theory giving you the same advantage as having a bigger pad.
  12. Its because of the large disk 280 v 256. This allows more heat to be dissipated due to being a large surface area, plus their's more surface area for the pad to be in contact with the disc over one turn of the wheel. Theirs not many options for the rear, have a look at the ibiza cupra r rear brakes, or go 5 stud, this brings lots of possibilities
  13. If you guys do want a club stand you need to book it quick, as we are running out quicker than ever before.
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