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    Keeping fit, the whole v dub scene, enjoying life and making the best of everyday!

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  1. Oh well think I'd better add some!! C'mon Alex and Colin! Tis' a shame I can't add video of the motorised head unit and rear seat panel as thats really the trickest bit!
  2. Nice find there Mitch! Gonna look mint!
  3. love that quote Rich!! Mmmm.. Perhaps a vinyl made up with that on haakon?! (I think it would make the SQ guys a little worried! )
  4. Thanks Emma - if all goes to plan il be happy!! You never know it might - just this once!! :-) Cheers Carl- it was great meeting up with you and thanks again for making the effort to pop over and see me! What about this for a contrasting bumper colour!! You wouldn't miss me would you?!!!
  5. Thankyou very much for the heads up on this one! Have been looking at different options for carbon fibre rear diffuser. Seen some already made up- obviously for mk1 TT - but waiting on quote for custom work again to match other carbon work. Havnt seen this particular diffuser and really like the look of it. Got to decide on smooth look or with a lttle feature like in the DTM style! Will post some pics soon but got a GTi rear bumper to make it easier to integrate the diffuser (as this is my daily) and a TT diffuser to make a mould for the carbon. Sound system has stepped up another level on the sound quality stakes as it's been tuned and set up again - much more integrated sound and more accurate! On acoustic music you can place instruments and voices and 'hear' far more detail. On one track I can actually hear the piano keys bottoming out!! Some other work planned but got to get my tax bill out the way first!!
  6. Sorry to hear about your accident! Genesis - good choice of amp! Should sound sweet with the rest of the kit!
  7. same here on the saving front Alex! Aiming to get a few bits done by UD! Just hope Santa is generous too!! Stu;-)
  8. Sorry to hear about your ding Alex but I feel sure you'll put it right and then some!! Stu;-)
  9. Will look forward to seeing the transformation over the winter Rob- good luck with all! Stu;-)
  10. Thanks Emma! I hope I can do the loop justice! Been having a problem with the actuator which drops the head unit out of the dash. The ribbon cable that goes from the mf steering wheel seems to be breaking up. James is coming over tomorrow to try a different cable- hopefully that will be the end of the issues with that!
  11. Very good that Emma! Kudos to you! Not too sure of ive got this copy of PVW- is it just out? Stu;-)
  12. Been a bit quiet on this but that's not to say there's nothing happening! It's all in the planning! Having the cambelt and waterpump done over the weekend - even though it was 'supposed' to be done by the guy I bought it off - but that's another story! Next week the sound system is being tuned, tweaked and adjusted to get the best out of it ready for next years EMMA soundoff competitions! Have aquired a few things both for inside and out of the loop but got to see how funds allow to instigate some of them! Stu;-)
  13. Loving the look Rich! Stance and steels look awesome! Agree rack could be slammed a bit but still looks cool!! Get the tunes rockin' now!!
  14. Nice loop that! When I saw your pics of the detailing I did think that Ryan might have been an influence!! Keep up great work! Stu:-)
  15. That looks awesome Rich! LOVE IT! You considering anything in the 'sounds' department?! Stu;-)
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