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  1. Hi everyone! Just thought I'd poke my nose in the forum, because its been so long! Its changed loads from 'back in my day'! Forum is looking good! Some awesome looking loops and making me wish I still had mine, miss that car so much! Anyway just spreading the love, keep dubbing! Matt
  2. Hello there! :) How are you?

    We have a show called bromley Pageant 2011, i was wondering if you would be interested in joining our club lupo stand? on the 12th June?

    Would be great if you can! :)

    Look forward to hearing from you


  3. Front bumper is broken-you can see it's not joined, tow eye missing, the ouch sticker is covering another scratch. Although when I last spoke to her she said they were going to Photoshop it etc. Think I'm going to have a sex change either that or buy a mk4 golf, might get a feature then haha! Enough bitching from me now!
  4. Guy called Harry I think, may have just made that up though. Was at ultimate dubs last year (09) I'll do abit of digging, think he was on this forum once but dunno if he posted much... He was a little rude and arrogant at UD...
  5. Does anybody know where I can get a genuine Lupo Gti full bonnet bra from? Had a look on autobra and they dont seem the same... Fed up of being scared by little stones Cheers Matt
  6. Posted a little while ago about premium membership and was told it was for life etc...but now Im not green do I pay again? Confused Cheers Matt
  7. Facebook, Tubemap Surf Report Around Me Tv Guide Decibel Sonic the Hedgehog Fall Down Sky Sport Snow Report
  8. Anybody know the part number for a Lupo GTI engine cover? Cheers
  9. You could of had mine for £15....or might be to pricey
  10. Thought it might be interesting to see where people have gone and hated it... Top of my list is Cyprus, the area we were staying was under development, half finished hotel, beach was just a lump of rock, nothing like the brochure. Seedy, rundown..blah blah Was like a hotter naffer version of Southend on a saturday night...
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