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  1. I would like to sell the interior as a package as the colour trim will then match up. I can message you a break down in costs The car is not really going to apeal to the "casual" buyer tho with two bucket seats and harnesses. I dont think the price tag is outragous, but like you said its waiting for the right buyer. Yeh alot of people are interested in them, been offer £950 for them before xmas but turned them down as wanted to sell the car first.
  2. Still on Auto Trader. But looks like i'm going to be braking it.
  3. Scrap that and just buy mine will probs save you money in the long run
  4. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201303025582605?atmobcid=soc2
  5. Duno if anyone has spotted it yet but it's in the new Golf+ mag. Enjoy the read guys
  6. Golf + magazine feature coming the end of next month Still up for sale too
  7. Online feature and cover car http://www.scenestatusmagazine.com/
  8. I sorted mine too. I broke the outer casing on the cambelt tensioner. So replaced it and the cambelt too.
  9. It's on piston heads. Was on here but it might of run out of time. (If it ant broke don't fix it) (better when it was a forum) £5,995 as it stands. Or £5,250 on standard black sport rims. That's with fresh tax and its just had the cambelt done 2 weeks back. Message me if your interested and we can arrange a viewing.
  10. Hi, no still for sale but have a new job so using it daily. Still love it tho.
  11. Cheers mate ill have a look. Just fitted a new alternator belt too.
  12. Front fog lights are indicators. Yeh there just for mot. As long as there fixed (double sided tape) you can't tell.
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