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The brown beastie updated 31/03/09

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Well, has been a long couple of days recently. Got a lot of stuff done. The brown is painted and just needs to be left to dry (over night and all day tomorrow) and then it should start getting fitted back together.

Unfortunately I didn't get to many pictures cause I broke the screen on my phone. Right before all the real progress was made! So for now I leave you with....

First off our B&Q bucket broke so instead of getting a new one Mck decided it needed repairing and reinforcing. All those lovely person B&Q ones have the crap handles, but not anymore! :lol:


We get a nice view from our unit, this was 2AM ish




Then things got a bit foolish....


Even the man / legend needs a bit of rest from time to time.


Hours power nap and back to work.



The car ready to be masked up...


Now its all painted up, but as I say, I broke my camera phone :lol:

Bit of a crap update I know :S

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That's proper mad... :lol:

Not sure on the plate being on the boot, remember when Jay Renshaw did his Mk4 with a Bora plate recess in the boot,looked weird as but grew on me!

Fair play though... that's well different!

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the last week has possibly been the best week of my like, i was with Micky on the 27 and 32 hour shifts this week.

although im just there for company sometimes! lol not really much help.

im knackered now havn't slept since Saturday night!

cars, look fantastic though, long long way to go mind...

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wow micky you never fail to impress with your mad ideas and putting up with luke all weekend lol im gutted im not making edition this year with me crashing my loop ! will catch up with you's all when its back on the road.

p.s nice wheels luke ;)

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Looking forward to seeing it again with its fresh paint. I though that Derek would have let you use his place to let you paint it or is he still to tight to switch the lights on !!!!!

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had another look through! i love this car! you know that that roof rack on the golf needs to go on the loop though! that looks cooooL!

no no no :lol: . i leave stuff like that for kam to do. anyway itd hide the pleather. its like leather only better :lol::shades:

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you've got to look at the plate in the right way ..

i think its very 6N especially in this one


edit: i have to say it could perhaps do with a B5 passat VW badge above it or something ?

Edited by Jowey
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thing is that the recess is actually mounted in the same place as a standard 6n boot as the rear handles are the same. like it with the 'HOOPTY TECH GARAGES' plauqe in chrome ;)

im a happy man today though as i dont have to sell it to fund house :D . feckin women just dont understand that a brown lupo is more important than a house :P

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