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  1. Breaking black 1.0L SE with GTI engine swap. Everything is currently available. Can post items at your cost. Other wise collection from Newcastle. - Polo GTI engine swap - 40mm lowering springs - SE wheels
  2. The only real effort is the wiring. Putting it back together is only a few hours works which I can do. When I took it apart I bagged and tagged all the bolts so even if you're not the one that took it apart it's easy to put back together.
  3. I just struggle to understand where the enjoyment is for someone to bid on things they don't want to buy? I might chuck it on gumtree. If it was finished I would want more than I'm asking currently. If it someone off the forum I'll take a low ball offer. I'm not asking much more than the engines sell for alone!
  4. Apparently people are capable of bidding but not actually following through with winning. Open to offers.
  5. I even have a pair of Polo GTI seats I can chuck in if someone wants to mess around and make them fit.
  6. You definately dont have mine. It's in the garage... Hasn't moved since 2014 I think. It's definately way over due.....
  7. Hittin'em with the egg plant 🍆🍆🍆
  8. 2002 (52) Black Lupo SE with black interior. Over all the condition of the car is good given the age. Isn't immaculate, but is presentable, no big rust spots. Low mileage for the age of the car (82k). It started life as a 1.0L but has had a 1.6 16V GTI motor and gearbox swapped into it. I still have all the paperwork from the GTI Polo too. Upping the HP from a pathetic 50 to a much better 125. The car has been lowered slightly as well to improve the handling. But not stupidly low so it's completely impractical and won't even get over speed bumps. The car needs a wiring loom (include
  9. It's not a Lupo but I have a Polo TDI that I'm selling. It worked out cheaper annually to buy, insure, tax and fuel than just putting fuel in my M3. Plus kept miles of the M3, it's not much fun in traffic. Its a TDI so cheap to insure. £45 get you 600 miles or 700 if you try hard. It's only £30 a year to tax. It just been MOT'd a few weeks ago. So plenty of MOT left on it. Also has some GTi bits including grilles, fogs, splitter, bumper with washers, xenons, brakes, seats, clocks with correct mileage, just recently had new tyres and cam belt is fairly new too. It's never
  10. heartagram


    I have one. Best bet is going to be to text me cause I don't come on much anymore.. 0738 727 3999
  11. IT MOVED! .... onto a trailer and into the garage in my new house. Maybe next year...
  12. 50s are always a bad move.
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