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  1. well arnt you just a massive ball sack of disappointment cheers for info Phil, but not happy until i have the car back! lol
  2. mine/Mitch's old yellow lupo, after i sold it to Mitch i know it went up to north scotland, i know it was for sale at the time of edition 38 08 again as i looked at buying it back then, but wasnt really in a position at the time, i would like to know where it is now and what state its in, want it back now im in a position to do so. i know its nothing truly special but it was my 1st car and i loved it cheers Luke
  3. i love my fox, handles great on the coilovers, love the way it looks, loads of room inside
  4. Thats mine keeping it now too, wanting another Lupo as a daily while the fox is away for another transformation
  5. get you with your boldness of hopefully! lol sorted tomorrow, if im not silly busy but if i am certainly this week
  6. he has to put up with me, im giving him lifts
  7. looking good Foxy, when is the attention switching back to the mk1? love your car more, everytime i see it love the rear end now, 'the best GTI?'
  8. mmm i like this, you fitting the coilovers to this one then?
  9. first of all, how dare you!!! and secondly where is the big update Kam? 32 hours work and nothing to show for it?
  10. the last week has possibly been the best week of my like, i was with Micky on the 27 and 32 hour shifts this week. although im just there for company sometimes! lol not really much help. im knackered now havn't slept since Saturday night! cars, look fantastic though, long long way to go mind...
  11. 'cough cough' whats next on the list to do then mate?
  12. Ah a Pulsar! prone to braking gearboxes lol My made had one and then sold it a month later after replacing 3 gearboxes and the way they look could be described as: 'the definition of chav'
  13. well look at you Mr Flash! its poop all poop, apart from the last photo of course. lol cheers matt, glad i nailed it! got a few good shots of the mk5 too. Foxy the loop looks sick on the move! some good shots there too
  14. it all goes downhill from here lol looks better than mine!
  15. i have but i have a feeling he is avoiding you
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