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  1. Progress at last eh stranger! Top work keep it up mate!
  2. Fukin ace andi! Ive got one of those 3l vodka bottles two Is the car staying red?
  3. Ian mate you really have no luck! good luck bud hope you get it sorted!
  4. Cheers Jamie Well pleased with it still got some wee bits and bobs to be sorted but just glad to have it back on the road! Will get some nice photos and a tech spec done soon hopefully
  5. sorted http://www.nintendo.com/consumer/systems/w...s/wiiremote.jsp
  6. Alo there We've borrowed a Wii plugged it all in and turned it on and the wee warning comes up saying press A to continue, problem is the controller doesnt seem to be working? The four blue lights at the bottom are just flashing like mad? Is this a common problem? Its not the batterys as they are brand new and i have tried a few sets. Any suggestions?
  7. I did my indicators with a heat gun but i fked mine up lol! Its my fogs pictured on the other page and they where easy to do just take them apart carefully. And they look spot on! unlike the indicators lol! Hey Kam you got your new lights in yet? lol
  8. Nice one Jordon! Give me a shout when you want this badge matey!
  9. Stevie give Marc at the garage a call, he will tell you if he can do it or not. Hes a good guy who knows his stuff! If he cant help you out he will recomend some one who can!
  10. Far to long Andi will defo need to do it again a few times next year! Cheers for the comments on the lupo every one really glad to have it back on the road! Hopefully it will progress more over the next few years!
  11. And i just happen to have one for sale lol drop me a PM if you want it
  12. How long before you can do that dude? If its not to far away you might as well wait!
  13. Ye the Garage is awsome theyll look after you. Yep will be at the next svag meet ill be bringing me wee boy too i think
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