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  1. its hardly an inabilty mate!! iv bin stowed off all this year, not just with customer jobs and but ive also done **** for loads for kam too!! this car will be done but i don't see why it should all be put on me to get it done in in the little amount of spare time i have!!!! it should be a joint effort
  2. how come it seems like all the blame for this car not being done, is being rested souly on my ****in shoulders!!!
  3. oscar be lookin sweet at the mo!!! i see you have done my what i suggested for the rear springs hehe! i may have a solution to you tailgate whoa's in the mix very soon too
  4. so she should like it too, its almost bin the death of me these last few weeks if your down tomorrow or tuesday, ill show you how to do the archliners, its a fairly simple fix
  5. not really sorry just stripped of all the bits im not reusing and coverd in dust lol. will be getting fetched to the unit within the next fortnight to make a start on it. gota get the black mk2 job out, polo road worthy for me dad then im havin mesel 2 months off from unit work to concentrate on the lupo. got mountains of bits ready to start on
  6. i dont like workin in back lanes but needs must
  7. bit of an update. the lupo is off the road!! and it wont be back out till june(ish) as its in despertae need of a make over(again). oh and it need a new box as i put a hole in the bell house with the diff and the brakle servo decided it doesnt wanna play anymore . gunna redo the entire car so 1st of all i need a runabout voila 316 with loads of tax and test for the princly sum of 130 quid anyway this is the box damage and for anyone who complains tha there car bottoms out everynow and then try getting into my unit hehehe basically im gunna be doin everything ive wanted to do on the lup
  8. will be fine but dont just go slapping a load in. keep it to a minimum grasshopper
  9. dunno how much its droped by but can go lower but isnt realy that practical at it lowest can go anouther 15mm at the front with some minor adjustments but just isnt drivable, cats eyes are an issue now and i bottom all the way up my new street that wsas a year ago, i now have a flat spot on the anti roll bar and a a flat spot on my sump plug
  10. i found a sticker while cleanin me new house from a nudist rally southleigh manor naturally ill take a piccy tmora found a load of cards for naturist BandBs too and an adress book
  11. send me some pics of the rest of the bits your wantin done £1000 is a joke like
  12. lol at the cheif gota roll the front arches as those stupid 50 profile tyres bent it a bit. more friggin work man i need a holiday
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