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  1. Love it mate, Im scared of warranty/clutch lol to get mine mapped (jetta not arosa)
  2. biggaz

    Fitting Ronal turbos

    No probs mate, offsets are confusing at first but VERY simple in reality Ideal offset for Lupo, correct fitment is anywhere around the et38 mark.
  3. biggaz

    Fitting Ronal turbos

    Et 28 and 37 ish is available for ronals, buy the 37's, they will fit straight on no probs. The lower et ones will fit fine but will scrub more when lowered. LOWER et number, more they stick out.
  4. Has your seat arosa got an engine? you havnt stated which model. State engine and ill tell you the secrets.
  5. Is that not still cutting them up and welding? et13 wont be too bad, will scrub if you go low enough up front, rear will be ok as the dont go THAT low anyway, when you have people in the back though there will be rubbing i would have thought, most of the time it should be ok. probably fitting 195/45's? yeh?
  6. 928's or them porsche winter rims by far look the best, want some on the arosa....6j tucked beasts
  7. Well it could do with a general tidy up of the bodywork, from a distance its NICE
  8. Just think the Lupo has a more suited front end lol somehow, looks more oldskool with its round lights and stuff
  9. Cheers people, they probably look better than i thought they were gonna. Bout time they were put on, been sitting in the house far too long
  10. biggaz

    low low low

    Prefer mickys, proper LOW.
  11. Well they have been all over the place, LONG story but now there fitted... look better. No caps on this one Nowt other than that, part from the rears a tiny bit lower
  12. Ahh, i was tempted by the cheaper coils for mine but i think ill pass The AP ones look good for the money, supposed to ride well.
  13. LOL Im needing some rims for the Jetta, either bentley or s Line 19" splits hmmmm. Looked cool though, very low Whats the ride like? Needed a wash!
  14. Guessing it was you Phil, you were behind me coming off the sliproad going up to Crowhter, i was in a Grey Jetta. Looked low as fek, proper nice.....now give me the rims
  15. Can i have first dibs on summit?
  16. I know, thats exactly what i was thinking. Its either paint them maybe with a polished lip or send them for proper polish, cant be doing with semi-polished crap style....looks half finished. Id rather paint them but it would be a shame now there isnt any paint on them. Hmmm
  17. biggaz

    14" Stretch

    195/40's will sit nice.
  18. Tempted to pay the £200 for mirror polishing!
  19. LOL, yeh they were just handy so i thought feck it al take em Not happy with the finish thoug, poor.....start again!
  20. I know i loved the 3 spokes but at least Zenders will be here to stay There a "in the cupboard" type of wheel that you shouldnt really sell Cheers for the comments.
  21. I had 16's on my arosa tdi, fit perfectly and id happily run them again Although before i got them i was part of the "nothing over 15" brigade" 16's keep your offset pretty high,like 38-40 on summit like 7j and run 195/40's or smaller. Wouldnt use 195/45, 165/40's if your feeling cool.
  22. biggaz

    wheel spacers

    Usually hubcentric only start at 15mm and bigger, they need to be wide enough to be able to create a new lip for your wheels to sit on. As said though, ive used 7mm ones like that but with longer bolts....didnt like using them. Dunno why just dont like them
  23. biggaz

    What offset?

    Good offset for good fitment with no scrubbing would be 35-40. 195/45/14's look nice or 194/40/14's are better. You could go a bit lower on the offset depending if your going to lower it and how much.
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