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  1. I was in my wife's mini clubman, you were just at the bottom of pavillons way. It made me want another Lupo GTI!
  2. I saw you in this last weekend on the new wheels, it looks great.
  3. Great to see all the progress on this Pete, glad it's back! It was off to the scrap yard the week Mitch picked it up hence the state it was in when you got it so fair play to you for getting it back to where it is now. It was still mine when the engine went, i turned it off when i got home one day and it just went with no warning at all. Got in it to go to work the next day and it wouldn't start, investigated a bit and discovered the auxilliary belt between the cams had slipped and bent 7 valves and snapped one in half which took a chunk out of the head. I'm going to put it on the garage wall as an ornament! Gearbox went to a guy on here, still got the paddle clutch which was decent.
  4. I've got a 6 speed which had 68k when removed from my old gti if you're still after one? £275 No noises or anything, it was only removed as i broke the car after cambelt failure.
  5. Unfortunately my Lupo has gone now but if a silvery beige mini clubman flashes you then you know who it is.
  6. I'll have to keep an eye out for this next time i'm back in Brackley visiting the in-laws, looks like a lovely example! Looks loads better now it's on coilovers, nice leather too.
  7. Genuine Bosch Lupo GTI 90Amp alternator as removed from my 69k mile Lupo GTI. This was in good working order prior to removal. These are over £200 new so grab a bargain at £50 plus postage.
  8. I'm selling my engine cover from my old GTI as i no longer have the car. It was painted dark red to match the interior so would be of use to a GTI owner with custom trim or anyone who wants to make their engine bay a bit nicer. Looking for £50 collected or £60 posted. No offers. PM me if interested. Thanks!
  9. Can't beat a rustica picante! Can anyone get them to take out? Quite jealous right now!
  10. You love it!! Needs a clean again now though.
  11. I've not posted anything in here recently as i've been up to my eyeballs with wedding stuff and actually having to fix stuff. Here's what's been going on since september, sorry for the phone pics! I gave it a good clean before the winter, topping it off with 2 coats of poorboys. Considering getting a short plate so i stuck the one on from the golf. Stuck a K&N panel filter in it just after christmas, i know a lot of people say there's no benefit but i definitely felt a difference with this. Whether or not it's because of the old one being fairly dirty i don't know but never felt this much difference from just a standard replacement filter. Could also be due to the remap but who knows, it drives loads better anyway! Took it for it's MOT in Febuary and it passed with only an advisory for the exhaust, excuse the MOT ride height! However on the way back the brakes were absolutely stinking so i prepared for the worst. A big chunk of brake pad was sitting on the driveway too so was fairly certain at this point it was new caliper time. Foxy told me when i bought it that it was dodgy. Here are the driver's side pads i took out! Ordered up a new rear caliper and then also discovered one of the fronts had seized. This was the source of the stinking brakes but it must've only just happened on the brake test for the MOT, probably due to me hardly using it over the winter. Shiny new rear caliper! I managed to get 2 polo gti hub assemblies including ABS sensors, calipers and carriers for £40 out of pure luck they were being sold in Brackley when we went to visit Sarah's parents so snapped them up. Bled the brakes a few times which is always fun Then i was back in business! Inherited a decent toolbox and cleaned up the garage. Smoked my plates. then got the car this dirty in about 100 miles, bring on the summer!! Still loving the GTI so i don't think i'll be selling it any time soon. I want an exhaust for it yet as it annoys me that this one doesn't sit straight so hopefully that'll happen soon. Also, i did a quick shoot with Payna as he'd got his interior done. His was way cleaner than mine so i'll leave a couple of pics here. Lupo GTI Autumn by Chris Tweddle, on Flickr Lupo GTI Autumn 01 by Chris Tweddle, on Flickr
  12. I reckon that must be superlupo's (if anyone can remember him?) old Lupo. I always wondered what happened to that, just seemed to disappear. More pics in this link http://www.tpr-hiring.co.uk/page9.htm Seems to have had a fair bit of work done in the years it's been away if it is the same car.
  13. You don't have much luck with bikes. Collar bone last time, now this!
  14. I can already tell this thread's going to make me miss my old sport! Loved the last 2 cars so this should be good.
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