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5 to 6 speed gearbox conversion GTI

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Hi everyone,

i have been offered a 5 speed lupo GTI for a good price and the only problem is the 5 speed gearbox has a whine in 3rd.

i have been looking at reconditioned gearboxes and was wondering if it is possible to put the 6 speed gearbox on? And if so what else would have to be changed such as gear linkages? and will it work with the current ecu?

i have searched on the forum for this question and haven't been able to find a definitive answer. i know the 6 speed lupo box will not fit to a 5 speed polo gti but what about the 5 speed lupo gti?

thanks in advance


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No a Polo gearbox won't fit. The 5 speed GTI box is basically the same as the 6 speed, just without 6th gear (which the bolted onto the end of the gearbox case!). I'm not sure what would be involved with going from 5 speed to 6, I think its the linkages that are slightly different, so if you bought a 6speed with all of that, I don't see why it wouldn't work.

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