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  1. This is where it says about the PAX system. https://www.volkswagen.co.uk/new/up/which-model-compare/details/30101-gti?fbclid=IwAR3t9gyTBM9ng20GkFaLc8goHjXsmh1dBUpqZqZLbeXgk5CaJEKFBEnQ8Pk#standard-equipment
  2. I had similar problems. One supplier said they don't fit even though i had the part infront of me. Part numbers i think are 6H0945289A 6H0945159A
  3. Surprised you could not get a demo as Canterbury had one and i was the first to demo it! A few things that i found it Now fitted with PAX tyre (run flats....) Curtain airbags are standard Options reduced- no beats or sunroof from what i can tell
  4. Hi Chris The price is a little bit dependant on a few things 1. Age of the car 2. What gearbox does it have (6 or 5) 3. What colour is the car 4. How bad are the dents in the wings (these are aluminum) Any pics would be great.
  5. The pics are down. So i don't know what car it is. Sorry..
  6. I have decided to put this as a seperate thread as made quite a find last night. Here is the footage in question https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lstKLNbEK9A&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR0yBjOLkJbPE7UrNhSTngePLSc5c3PPSRyTov4wAtBPQluujxBtcUiATm8 Here is the details on it From some research I have carried out this was a Driven competition winner. From what I have gathered (I have not seen the earlier episode to the review episode), it was part a viewer review competition between Trevor Lovell and two other viewers and the grand prize being the Lupo Gti. Trevor won the competition (although I am not sure what he reviewed exactly), it was held at Milbrook from what I understand was an S&MT test day. In the audience other motoring journalists where there including Vicki Butler Henderson. The competition was sponsored as part of Jamjar.com (no long exists, was part of the direct line group). As part of the prize (or deal etc), Trevor had to review the Lupo Gti for Driven, this was carried out on the MPV’s episode (2001 Winter Edition), although he actually gave the car to his wife to replace a Citroen AX. The car had no options and was a 5 Speed. The car is a Y plate (as this can been seen during unloading the car
  7. That is exactly what happened on one of the cars i looked up. It might of been T76DBW/L4UPO. I had to determine it by chassis number (fortunately there was a pic of it on the vw website/parkers etc). It makes me pretty confident that the magazine i found is your car. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Volkswagen-Driver-magazine-May-2003-Issue-36/133286106743?hash=item1f08789677:g:N9sAAOSwcWJb2E6E
  8. Ok. Possibly not Vw then in that sense. When did say it got registered on the plate it is now?
  9. Did it say it had a private plate on it? On one case (T76DBW/L4UPO) i ha to go via chassis number.
  10. That is probably a press car rich. But what for i am not sure. Its got a regier style grill. Not seen that on a Bora before - might of even found it. If you go onto car analytics (£1.99) it will tell you if it is one. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Volkswagen-Driver-magazine-May-2003-Issue-36/133286106743?hash=item1f08789677:g:N9sAAOSwcWJb2E6E
  11. it would be the £160 as it i registered pre 2001 when the rules changed. It comes under the 1549 cc rule. If over that it would be £265 https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-tax-rate-tables/rates-for-cars-and-light-goods-vehicles-registered-before-1-march-2001
  12. Ones to updates T76DBW - Is L4UPO (Yellow 1.0e) V43RBW - Is L5upo. Its a mistake on this thread and will be corrected. New additions T58DBW T558BWL - Is L5UPO (Red 1.7sdi e) L6UPO - not related to Y948DWL Y948DWL - not L6UPO tdi - this was used as a long term test car for what car. Y951DWL S924OBY T56JEP Cup Car chassis 36
  13. Ok Here below is a full list of known press cars. Press Cars in 1999 3.1. T58DBW 3.2. T61DBW 3.3. T62DBW 3.4. T63DBW 3.5. T65DBW (Aka L6UPO) 3.6. T76DBW (Aka T51JEP, L4UPO Yellow 1.0e) 3.7. T558BWL (Aka L5upo, Red Lupo 1.7sdi) 3.8. T35DWL (L4UPO) 3.9. V43RBW (L5UPO) 3.10. V51RBW 3.11. V78UWL 3.12. L3upo (Blue Automatic) Press Cars in 2000 4.1. X42NFC 4.2. X904NJO 4.3. X907NJO (Aka Y907NJO) 4.4. L2UPO (Green 1.4s) 4.5. L3UPO (Yellow Colour Concept Sport) 4.6. L6UPO (Blue 1.4 Tdi) Press Cars in 2001 5.1. X554CBW 5.2. Y924DWL 5.3. Y937DWL 5.4. Y938DWL 5.5. Y948DWL 5.6. Y951DWL 5.7. OW51LCZ (Aka L5UPO) 5.8. L2UPO (Red Gti) 5.9. L2UPO (Black Gti) 5.10. L4UPO (Green 1.4) 5.11. L4UPO (Silver Gti) 5.12. L5UPO (Silver Gti) 5.13. L6UPO (Red Gti) Press Cars in 2002 6.1. OY02JCJ 6.2. OE02*** (Aka L2UPO) 6.3. L3UPO (Blue 1.4tdi) 6.4. L4UPO (Blue 1.4tdi Open Air) Press cars in 2003 7.1. OU03EZZ Press Cars in 2004 8.1. OX04AKJ (Aka L6UPO) The Misfits (The Cars that don’t quite fit) 9.1. S924OBY 9.2. S112JWN 9.3. T56JEP 9.4. W303WDB 9.5. L3UPO (Photoshopped SE) 9.6. Cup Cars (Chassis #36)
  14. Not quite what i am after. As in how many of each colour is more what i would like.
  15. Ok. So i got asked a queston from another enthusiat about how many lupo gti's came to the UK. Now we know this number is around 950ish. However how many of each colour. I do know the following 5 In laser blue 77 in raven blue Also there is no real number of colour concepts there are. I do know following 1.4s (blue interior) 2 1.4 sport (blue interior) 2 (Kam's and another that was on here) Gti (blue interior) 1 1.7sdi (yellow interior) 1 1.4 sport (yellow interior) 1 (ex press car) A couple of red ones came to the UK too but i don't have numbers for these. If anyonecan fill in the gaps that would be great. Many thanks
  16. mine came on Monday. Its a nice model.
  17. Hi all Sorry for not replying earlier. I understand your points and i am running 195/45/r15's at present. But i would really like the OE size (and i am sure other people would too). The rest of the car standard and it does bug me. I am not in any rush for them. Yes i did find out about the Toyo TR1. But the problem with the toyo is mainly they are a summer tyre only. It can be driven during all weathers but you have to adapt your driving style (according to Toyo UK) I did ask with specialist tyre providors (three so far) if there are any plans to produce any and they have no plans at present. I am talking to a friend of friend who works in the tyre trade and the general concessous is they are trying to phase out that size of tyre. I will keep enquires going as one day it could be the case of a viable alternative coming about.
  18. Hi all I have been keeping an eye to see what alternatives there are to the toyo proxies. However from what i can see they have seemingly "doubled" in prices. Which leads to the assumption these may be out of production? If this is the case, it is slightly concerning. However we can still use 195/45/r15. I am making enquiries to see if there is a company that might be able to help. I will keep the forum informed if I make any progess
  19. Update time. A bit more research later and a few bits of information have come to light So the photo of the press car L5upo that appeared in EVO. This is NOT the same car as believed to be OW51LCZ. Two sepearte cars. However to clairfy on the subject. V43RBW is probably this car. Two many similarities. Which leads onto V43RBW. Where do i stat on that? Well i think this sums it up "As of the 31/5/2019, the car has been dismantled for spares. Before this date I did make the owner aware of this cars history, they briefly changed their mind and offered this car to me, I asked for some detailed photos of the car which unfortunately they did not provide and they changed their mind to break the car up. A sad end to car I felt worth saving." S112JWN - as it turns out the plate was not real. A vw polo estate debunked this myth (from the press office too) Also there a Lupo Gti cup car press car too (that one is quite interesting, currently compiling the info togther on that. So this is still soldiering on. Its a shame my upload space is full. Otherwise i would put new photos etc up. I am putting this togther into a book. Currently on about the 7th draft. If you are interested give me a shout.
  20. lupo1.0se

    Close Encounter

    I see pics of this on facebook. It had quite a bit of paint work if i recall.
  21. Lupo SE Autos are really rare. Only about 80 where ever on the road at one time. I would use another car. https://www.howmanyleft.co.uk/vehicle/volkswagen_lupo_se_auto
  22. I am surprised ray you don't have a set of bbs 814.... These are the OE wheel option for the Gti in forgein markets (i wonder why we did not get these in the Uk?)
  23. Would be cool to see some pics of laser blue gti. They are pretty rare. Especially a 55 plate.
  24. In the past. Several around kent/essex way. Major shows include stonor park. Although the Gti won't be ready for it. There are some jobs that need doing which i need to attend too. I can provide a list of shows i am considerring.
  25. Any pictures of it? that would be nice
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