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  1. Clayton, just curious, after your cornerweighting, is there much of a difference in ride height either side of the axle to compensate for the weight adjustments?
  2. You take your existing camshafts and post them off to the company who put it on their machine to reprofile the lobes and will send it back to you to fit.
  3. Cool, will give that a go at some point thanks! This is quite an epic thread you’ve made, I’ve made a bookmark on it 😆. Your Piper 270 cams - did you send away your originals to be re-profiled? I read they’re good for +8hp which isn’t mind bending but I guess with all your other mods it adds up?? Unless I read incorrectly... 🤔
  4. Clayton, what did you get for this? I've got some shore A 60 stuff left over in the garage but don't know if that's too soft.
  5. Sorry, I had already asked whether any other parts were available and it was a 'no' back from them
  6. Cool, I wasn’t planning on caning it in 6th, as you say I’d be in 3/4/5 for track mostly. It was a black 2002 with about 130k miles on the clock. Had the reg plate covered but sustained damage to driver side front corner taking out the headlamp and arch. Any ideas whose this was? I’m tempted to throw the ‘box in and see how it goes judging by the exterior condition. I hope it hasn’t been thrashed is my only worry. Having an LSD doesn’t often associate well with an old granny going down to the shops for a pint of milk...
  7. I went through all gears and neutral and both flanges turned same direction. As a matter of course I’ll crack open the case and check on the condition of everything closer to the time when I want to install. I installed my five speed with a Quaife not too long ago so I’ll certainly know by driving, even on stock power it’s transformative. It was my intention to swap the diffs but if it has one already then happy days. What tends to fail on the six speeds? You say it’s weaker. I’m getting the engine up to around 160hp so hoping it can take it.
  8. Hi all, I found a breaker selling a six speed gearbox (FUT) from a 2002 Lupo GTi and thought that would be a good upgrade for my 2001 5 speed when the time comes. It arrived today and I'm quite impressed - casing has no damage, no bad corrosion anywhere, there's no slack in the gears, no strange sounds, oil is at the right level and golden brown with no burnt smells, and looking at where the box is joined together there appears to be the faint remnant of grey sealant, so it may have had a 'recent' overhaul. Judging by the release bearing that was still in it, the date of manufacture stamped was 2014. Here's the kicker though - when I put it in gear and turn one of the flanges I was expecting the flange on the other side of the diff to turn in the opposite direction, indicating an open diff... however it turned in the SAME direction 😲 - Before I get too excited, does that mean what I think it means? Have I just got a recently overhauled 6 speed box with an LSD?? I paid £175 including delivery - that sound too good to be true?!
  9. @CLAYTONJONES Awesome stuff. I was all set on getting the CAE but may change my mind then if you think the feel is better. Do you have to hack apart the shift weight on top of the 'box? Did you manage to fit the cams without needing both VW locking tools? I cannot for the life of me find one of them! Could you drive the cams on the standard ECU or did the engine complain?
  10. @LR5V Although I have removed the factory pressure switch, the aftermarket one has its own warning system incorporated into it, namely the entire face flashes red and a very loud buzzer goes off. Fully adjustable, which is handy too.
  11. Clayton, are your enkei's lighter than your superleggeras, or are they ultralegerras? What spacers you running and what is the ET on your alloys? Looks like a cracking setup. Are pads quite expensive for your Wilwoods? For your shifter, did you have to drill through the floorpan like you would with a CAE kit? Who did your cams/tuning? Is it on the factory ECU?
  12. Hi! Has anyone fitted an aftermarket rev gauge to their Lupo? I've recently done this by hooking the signal wire to pin 1 of the coil pack but need to make the gauge go to 2-cylinder mode to work correctly and it's a bit lazy. Where can I pick up a proper signal to use? Looking at Elsawin wiring diagrams the actual wires to the factory tacho are within the cluster itself and I was hoping to hook into the loom rather than split open the cluster itself.. TIA!
  13. Bypass the connection in fuse number 28 This is a mini 5A. Mine blew the other day and the ECU lost connection with the immobiliser because of the blown fuse. Even with the right key it wouldn't start (or allow me to view the ECU through diagnostics) until I replaced the fuse.
  14. Hi all, for those who have fitted an oil pressure gauge to their engines, I’ve just done this to my GTi (Swapped out the pressure switch for it and grounded the original wire out of the way) and it seems to max out at around 4 bar after 4k revs or so at 80C. Is this due to oil pressure regulation in the oil pump or a limitation of the oil pressure gauge’s location on the head? Elsawin seems to suggest pressure shouldn’t exceed 7 bar and should be greater than or equal to 2 bar at 2k revs at 80C. I’m getting very good pressure at 2k of 3 bar at 80C just that it tops out at 4 bar.. I’ll be going on track days for the GTi so want to ensure good pressure at high rpm. Pete.
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