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  1. Modified speakers? If so, water can leak around them from the inside of the door, dribble along the inner door seal and then, depending on the inclination of the car will dribble down in the footwell. It was this that ruined my carpets, so took them out and then decided to make my GTi a track car.. removed pretty much everything from the interior and sealed up the speaker holes with aluminium flashing :) Assuming you don't want to convert your Lupo into a track car I'd advise to use a bit of sealant around the speakers when you pull the lower door card off.
  2. See links! https://www.gumtree.com/p/car-replacement-parts/vw-lupo-gti-charcoal-headliner-headlining/1277176271 https://www.gumtree.com/p/car-replacement-parts/vw-lupo-gti-rear-seatbelts-in-gti-red/1277176749 https://www.gumtree.com/p/car-replacement-parts/vw-gamma-radio-cassette-with-cd-player-code/1277177721
  3. I'm needing the main lower bolt in the door hinge if you have it. It looks like a small (6mm ish) hex head but some may have a rubber cover over them.
  4. I thought I knew a fair bit about cars but this seems to be a bit of a revelation to me... never stop learning I guess...!!
  5. I'd like to revive this thread with a question - was the Lupo GTi doors designed to take water into the door?? Seems really odd to design it that way. The first time I spotted the wet interior doors I presumed there was an issue and was thinking of ways of sealing the entire inner door! I have aftermarket speakers and have noticed the rears of both are quite wet, so will have to securely waterproof the electrical connections!
  6. Strange, my handle isn't too bad. You may want to ensure your bonnet catch mechanism is nicely lubed up - I stripped mine down completely and cleaned out all the gunk to help it move nicely. I did remove the interior handle last week to see if I could get rid of the bit of slack that's formed in the cable but couldn't see any way of adjusting it when I had it out which was a bit disappointing. I think as long as it opens up the bonnet with less tension on the cable then I'll be happy with that!
  7. Glad I could help - look forward to hearing back how you got on with it!
  8. I've just fixed a very annoying issue I've experienced since owning my Lupo GTi - the bonnet catch is so stiff that you have to really push down hard / slam down on the bonnet to close it and you have to pull quite hard on the release lever inside the cabin. I've tried cleaning up the entire mechanism with oils, etc. but I've found that it is all to do with the extension spring that is inside the bonnet catch. After a few attempts, replacing this spring to a lighter-tension one does the trick! It will now lock by just dropping the bonnet down and it opens up a lot easier having less tension on the release lever mechanism. Don't just buy any extension spring however - it still has to have enough tension to hold the lever in the locked position. Using too light a spring will not make the bonnet lock at all. The springs I found were stainless steel items that fit perfectly from eBay: search for item number 381125685570 from seller lovelife3l. Nerd Corner: I believe when VW came up with the GTi they overlooked the fact that when they were swapping over the heavy steel bonnet of the non-GTi with the aluminium one, they forgot that the weight generated from the steel bonnet would be less compared to the aluminium design which meant more force would be needed to lock the bonnet!
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