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  1. The below radio storage tray. Does that include the cup holder? thanks
  2. Hi rich that sounds great. Where abouts are you? So I can look into a courier. Thanks
  3. Hi how much would you like for just the gearbox? Is it in good working order? Thanks
  4. Possibly. Has it done many miles? What sort of condition is it in? And how much would you take for it? Thanks Matt
  5. Cootem

    Gti suspension

    Looking for standard gti suspension. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the help but I've found one. Needs some mechanical work tho but looks good
  7. Hi do you have a standard air box please? Thanks Matt
  8. Hi do you have a standard airbox please? Thanks Matt
  9. Hi do you have a standard airbox please? Thanks Matt
  10. Thanks lupogtiboy. Has anyone ever done this and did you encounter any issues? Thanks
  11. Hi everyone, i have been offered a 5 speed lupo GTI for a good price and the only problem is the 5 speed gearbox has a whine in 3rd. i have been looking at reconditioned gearboxes and was wondering if it is possible to put the 6 speed gearbox on? And if so what else would have to be changed such as gear linkages? and will it work with the current ecu? i have searched on the forum for this question and haven't been able to find a definitive answer. i know the 6 speed lupo box will not fit to a 5 speed polo gti but what about the 5 speed lupo gti? thanks in advance matt
  12. Hi I'm looking for a lupo GTI. The ideal spec for me would be; red, 6 speed, sunroof, air con and leather seats. However, Im open to consider any lupo GTI Thank you.
  13. Cootem

    Hi all

    Hi I'm new here and am looking to buy a lupo GTI. Ideal lupo GTI would be red, 6 speed, sunroof, air con, leather seats and standard with lowish miles. I'm happy to consider other colours and diffrent specs. Please let me know if you know of any going. Thanks Matt
  14. Hi greig I could be interested in your GTI. I'm happy to wait a month. I've sent you a pm. Cheers
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