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  1. It's a 1.4 16v FSI engine, engine code ARR. VW did do a 1.4 FSI in the MK5 golf as well, but most are 1.6 FSI
  2. VW UK warehouse has 1 left in stock, but I think it's about to become obsolete as VW Germany aren't showing any in their stock. As said before, the part number is 6N2 721 403 for a RHD model
  3. Nope, in Germany they sold the FSI model, basically a petrol version of the 3L They did sell the Fox in South America badged as the Lupo for a while though....
  4. VW did use the FSI engine in the Lupo, just it's a model that never came to the UK market.
  5. This is from the ACEA website, scroll through and you'll see VW/Seat/Skoda https://www.acea.be/uploads/publications/ACEA_E10_compatibility.pdf
  6. All Lupo's bar the 1.4 FSI are compatible with E10 fuel. E10 is only replacing normal 95 ron unleaded fuel, 98/99 ron will still be E5 rated (due to it being more expensive in the 1st place!)
  7. Been a GTI owner since September 2004, not parting with mine either!
  8. I'm sure you could swap the Lupo inners with the Polo's?
  9. 9N3 GTI's use a Mk5 Golf lamp which is a different design
  10. 9N3 Polo high level brake light is about as close as I can see via VW, may need modding to fit but could be a possibility
  11. The engine is unique in that the block is different to a Polo GTI AVY engine, they have similarities as in the head is the same, VVC on the exhaust side, twin cambelt system, but the block is a different part number, hence the Lupo gearbox doesn't fit. The Lupo block only fits the Lupo, even the sump is different on the Polo. The gearbox is also unique to the Lupo, though it's a close relative of one used on a Touran iirc, and the Up GTI uses a newer version of the 02U 6 speed Lupo gearbox, even down to some of the internals being the same, though it's designated an 0DQ gearbox in the Up
  12. What Rich said, you're there, get the rings done and save potentially having to strip down the engine again 036 198 151 C x4 - £61.85 inc vat each from VW, though VW UK are only showing x2 kits in stock, not sure on stock where you are based.
  13. When I swapped over my front wings, it looked like I'd pulled a ploughed field out of mine from there!
  14. G60's G60 Style Steel Wheel, 6Jx15", 4x100 Stud Pattern ET35: 357601025M | Heritage Parts Centre UK or the 14'' version which aren't G60 wheels, just G60 style G60 Style Steel Wheel 6Jx14'' ET45 4x100 Stud Pattern: 1H0601027 | Heritage Parts Centre UK
  15. G60 steels are obsolete from VW but you can buy them from VW Heritage, 357 601 025 M if I recall correctly
  16. I know where those photos were taken, about 5 mins up the road from the garage I work at! Epsom Downs, home of the Epsom Derby! Sadly the dealer on the reg plates doesn't exist anymore, we have a couple of staff members here who used to work there. Nice example you have found, be nice to keep it mostly original I guess, with a few choice upgrades.
  17. Mine never put a light on when she was burning through 4 litres a week! Just a huge blue cloud out the exhaust on over-run and little black spots on the tail gate. Mine was the oil control ring on piston number 3, luckily there was only minor scoring of the bore, so it was re-honed and new piston rings on all cylinders, doesn't use a drop now. I had the work done at 118k miles (along with a few other bits before I had this done, ie: valve stem oil seals and a new oil separator), she's now on 175k and drives like new.
  18. I know the AP coilovers for the GTI are different as they have elongated holes where they bolt to the hub to help adjust the camber, the non-GTI versions don't
  19. I managed to source the last of each side from VW in October as I broke both of mine changing my headlight bulbs! I think there were a couple of sealers in Ireland that still had stock, but as VW's part locater system is down at the moment, I am unable to give you addresses.....
  20. They were never an option on the GTI so have been retro-fitted. Car looks awesome! I also follow you on insta (@lupogtiboy)
  21. 6E0 837 249 C £41.02 each inc vat from VW
  22. I have a Janspeed on mine, never found it wonky fitting though! I got lucky and seem to have one of the last with the slightly smaller, more OE sized tail pipes, the later ones are bigger I believe. Had mine fitted about 6 or so years ago now, think I paid around £320ish for a cat-back system. Love the noise, not droney or loud, just a subtle increase so you know its there. Other option is as Jacamo said, have a custom one made up, you can tailor it to how you want it then and will probably work out cheaper.
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