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  1. GWG Bridges Breakers Yard in Crawley near Gatwick (well Peas Pottage really!) had a mk1 Arosa when I went there last week, had quite a lot left on it too. They also had 2 Lupo's, one in blue and one in Kermit green 6N Polo mirror caps only come on the housing from VW, you can't buy the cap separately as they are screwed onto the body behind the mirror adjustment motor, so if Mk1 Arosa's share the same mirrors, that's why they are hard to find
  2. GTI belts seem to get dirty very easily, I watched a vid on YouTube where the guy retracted them out and left them in a bucket of water with washing machine detergent in it for an hour or so, let them dry out and then showed them retracting in properly.
  3. I'd be willing to guess they are some Halfords-only multi-fit 5 spoke Fox racing wheels or some multi-spoked specials. I'd rather get a decent set of 2nd-hand BBS's or OE rims, but that's my personal taste and not the OP's I did try and 'mend' the link above but failed miserably, so our only hope of finding out now is that the OP returns to put us all out of our misery!
  4. Ordered mine already, can't wait to get it! I have a couple of other Otto models, a Mk1 Golf Cabby in dark blue and a Mk2 Golf G60 Limited. The detail on both is amazing so I know this will be pretty much perfect in every way.
  5. Part number 03L 301 103 T is fitted to a GVX gearbox code, it is the part number for the end case
  6. They only used these codes, FUT, GPF, GSN, GVX, and HBK. They have all superseded to part number 02U 300 050 CX. It should be stamped near the selector tower on the top of the box.
  7. I'd try another set of speakers and see if that cures the problem
  8. The Whiteline rear ARB makes a huge difference, I've got mine set on medium and the handling is so much better! In my top 3 mods to do to a GTI (280mm brakes and coilies)
  9. O/S/F wing any good? Or N/S door?
  10. Yes the GTI should have a middle silencer, looks like someone has deleted it to make more noise, so perhaps it's not actually blowing, it's just louder
  11. Dammit I've been looking for that accelerator pedal for ages and it's on a TT! What a fool I've been, totally forgot where the Lupo got its pedal rubbers from! D'oh!
  12. I still do work for a dub dealer!
  13. ETKA does do this but you need to have it connected to their VW info server, which if you've downloaded a copy of ETKA, it won't do as you won't be an official user. Dealers have to pay ETKA a fee to use all of it's features and get updates and chassis information. I am happy to print off and send you a copy of your vehicle information, but I'll need your chassis number and an email address to send it to.
  14. Its not designed for older engines, its designed for more modern engines on the 2 year service scheme, mostly because you've done an oil change by then with topping it up all the time!
  15. 5W30 is too thin in my opinion for these engines, they came from the factory with 10W40
  16. Strictly VW for me, 030 115 561 AN oil filter and Platinum 5W40 oil, mines on 174k and doesn't use a drop
  17. The circled part is the VVT actuator, part number 036 906 455 A and retail in the UK is £248.04 inc vat
  18. Does anyone have a decent o/s/f wing for a non-gti lupo, preferably in D1B Yellow. May also need a bonnet and a N/S door in yellow too. Thanks in advance!
  19. I can do this no problem, but I'll need your chassis number to work from, also I'm away from work this week but i can do it when I'm back
  20. Hate to say it but that's expensive, I work for a main VW dealer and we charge £494 for parts and labour on a cambelt and waterpump and that's in the London catchment area where everything is more expensive! The rocker cover doesn't have a gasket, its a green sealant and costs £79.50 inc vat for a 100g tube!
  21. Love this Lupo! That last pic on the Ring is awesome!
  22. 6E0 601 149 A GRB - £24.34 each inc vat Currently on back order but available in Germany
  23. I have an LED interior bulb in mine (a 265 bulb) and it's dims the same as a normal bulb does The front lights are just 501 bulbs, loads available on the net or even halfrauds, reverse lights are 382 bulbs, again loads on the net
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