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  1. GTI's are listed as being fitted with 'darkened lenses' from the factory, so should have come with Cambridge lights anyway, don't know why they didn't though...
  2. Watched that yesterday, nice to see an honest review and get a thumbs up! It's about time it got the recognition it deserves! Also, your GTI is lovely Chris!
  3. If its passenger rear footwell, it's probably the washer hose has come apart where it joins under the trim that runs up next to the rear seat, mine did this. Front speakers shouldn't get wet really, but it's from where water has run down the window channel or slot seals. I did get water ingress into my front footwells when I put aftermarket speakers in the front doors on adaptors, but once I'd sealed them with some mastic, that solved it.
  4. N/S driveshaft is 6E0 407 451 AX, obsolete from VW O/S driveshaft is 6N0 407 452 GX, also obsolete from VW These are complete driveshafts with UJ's either end, VW have never sold just the shaft on it's own
  5. It's called Cedar Green, quite a rare colour, I know of only 2 local to me
  6. I'm pretty sure nobody makes an aftermarket cat for a GTI, only one you can get is a race cat from Kamtec with a manifold, and that's quite expensive!
  7. Not any more, they have to plug the car into diagnostics to get radio codes now
  8. I once considered selling my GTI for a Mk6 Golf GT, drove it and it was nothing like the Lupo, not as much fun, and even with more power, didn't feel anywhere near as nippy. I've owned my GTI since 2004 and I never want to part with her. They just make you smile, no matter how bad your day has been, just a fun car to drive and own. Plus the rarity of them makes people wonder what it is, have I spent stupid amounts of money to put a bodykit on a Lupo?! And then you leave them for dead from the lights, worth every penny!
  9. 036 133 255 E - £83.23 inc vat, VW have x2 left in their warehouse stock
  10. VW used to do a kit, though I don't know if it's Lupo compatible, but can't see why it wouldn't be 1J0 998 055 A if you can find one Comes with:
  11. I did the G60 conversion many moons ago and use VW OEM pads on the front with no issues at all. I found with the stock 256mm brakes, the ABS would kick in more often and you could feel the judder through the brake pedal, 280mm stops this
  12. I thought the GTI would be fine in the emissions zone, mines listed as being Euro 4 which is the minimum allowed to not have to pay the hefty extra money
  13. Both of these are for the 3L SSP 216 (volkspage.net) www.volkspage.net/technik/ssp/ssp/SSP_218.pdf
  14. The 3L gearbox isn't a DSG gearbox, it's a clutchless 085 5-speed gearbox with a tiptronic shifter mechanism. DSG gearboxes have 2 clutches, one for even gears and one for odd gears, this gearbox has one clutch, it's a similar system now used on the Up! with a clutchless gearbox.
  15. No gasket on these, its a sealant, VW part number D 188 003 A1. Stupidly expensive at £88.80 inc vat, I'm sure someone will say there is a cheaper alternative though....
  16. Is there a way of switching off the annoying advertising pop-up that slides up and down at the bottom of the screen everytime you change threads?
  17. This one is Y3D Tornado Red Built 15-3-2005
  18. Fair enough mate! GLWS!
  19. I'd happily buy the xenons and the teddy bear f you're willing to split? Never realised you were so close to my work (Epsom!)
  20. Welcome to the site! Nice Lupo, will be good to see a build thread!
  21. I love this car, just seems to get better and better! Great pictures!
  22. O/S cover is obsolete from VW now, but can be ordered through VW Heritage parts 6E0 853 666 F GRU VW UK still have stock of the N/S but once they are gone they will be obsolete too 6E0 857 665 F GRU Retail they are £14.88 inc vat
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