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  1. You can't get the OE ones from VW anymore, long obsolete, but you could buy a sheet of 3A0 867 201 H which is a similar material to the Lupo one.
  2. I've had the autolocking/unlocking and the alarm chirp switched on my gti for years! Beeps once for lock, twice for unlock. I also have it set to unlock the drivers door on one press and the rest on a 2nd press within 3 secs.
  3. Do you have the correct bulbs in the tail lights? They should be twin filament 380 bulbs and they should only fit in the holder one way, I've loads of cars where people have used the correct bulb but fitted it wrong. The 380 bulb has 2 pins, one is slightly higher than the other so that they fit in the holder in one place. So it could be that someone has fitted a single filament (382) bulb where there should be a twin filament, that can make the car do many odd things!
  4. It's obsolete from VW now but the part number was 6X0 803 550 A and should look like a metal bar as shown in yellow below
  5. There is a Philips head screw on the bottom at the front, not sure if I'd be brave enough to take it apart though! It would look amazing with LED's added to the front and rear lights I reckon.
  6. I guess I'm in a good position to comment on this! I have a Janspeed cat-back exhaust on my Lupo GTI, not the huge tail pipe version either, exhaust note is perfect, not too loud that it gives you a headache, but loud enough you know it's there. The bore is the same as factory so it doesn't damage any of the back pressure you need, the fit was perfect and was worth every penny of the £350 I spent buying it. I also have a 2019 Up GTI in Tornado red, to say it has no character is doing the car a huge discredit. Sure it's no Lupo GTI, but the car has bagfuls of charisma and I'm loving every drive out in her. Handling is fun, performance is more than adequate, and I'm hoping to remap her soon for around 140ish bhp, plus with an induction kit from Forge Motorsport, I'm hoping for 145-150bhp, which is more than enough for a car of it's size. I highly recommend it!
  7. Mines 796 of 1500 if I remember right
  8. I think mine may arrive today! Finger's crossed!
  9. It will need to be turned on with VAGCOM/VCDS
  10. G13 is the current VW coolant for pretty much all VW branded vehicles, part number G 013 A8 JM1 £12.72 inc vat for 1.5 litres And yes, coolant is added via the expansion bottle
  11. It does look a little big to me too. I've been running this badge on mine for years, it's from a MK2 Golf GTI 10th Anniversary Edition, I found it at VW Spring Fest years ago, think it looks great! Might be hard to find now though....
  12. VW502/00 is 5w40 oil for fixed service schedule so I'd stick to that
  13. Which is fine until MOT time when it will fail for not having a catalyst fitted I'm glad things are on the mend with this car, it's nice to see a GTI being restored rather than stripped and sold off
  14. I like the way it says its an 'improved' version of a Skoda 1.3, how can reducing a 1.3 to a 1.0 be classed as an 'improvement'? OHV engine too! Wow, not seen that since my mates mk2 Fiesta 1.1!
  15. I've been running various brand 195/45 r15's for years and had no issues what-so-ever, Uniroyal Rainsport definitely the pick of the bunch though
  16. Part number 6E0 971 501 D £37.18 inc vat, on back order
  17. That is looking stunning mate!
  18. Just read all of this, glad to see you're keeping the Lupo game going! On another note, if the n/s wing you bought is a reflex silver one, I have a moon silver one on mine I'd be happy to do a straight swap with you?
  19. 032 103 601 QA £156.77 inc vat from VW. Currently on factory back order so expect at least a 10 day wait for one....
  20. 6E0 825 235 L for anyone who's interested, £192.68 inc vat from VW!
  21. GWG Bridges Breakers Yard in Crawley near Gatwick (well Peas Pottage really!) had a mk1 Arosa when I went there last week, had quite a lot left on it too. They also had 2 Lupo's, one in blue and one in Kermit green 6N Polo mirror caps only come on the housing from VW, you can't buy the cap separately as they are screwed onto the body behind the mirror adjustment motor, so if Mk1 Arosa's share the same mirrors, that's why they are hard to find
  22. GTI belts seem to get dirty very easily, I watched a vid on YouTube where the guy retracted them out and left them in a bucket of water with washing machine detergent in it for an hour or so, let them dry out and then showed them retracting in properly.
  23. I'd be willing to guess they are some Halfords-only multi-fit 5 spoke Fox racing wheels or some multi-spoked specials. I'd rather get a decent set of 2nd-hand BBS's or OE rims, but that's my personal taste and not the OP's I did try and 'mend' the link above but failed miserably, so our only hope of finding out now is that the OP returns to put us all out of our misery!
  24. Ordered mine already, can't wait to get it! I have a couple of other Otto models, a Mk1 Golf Cabby in dark blue and a Mk2 Golf G60 Limited. The detail on both is amazing so I know this will be pretty much perfect in every way.
  25. Part number 03L 301 103 T is fitted to a GVX gearbox code, it is the part number for the end case
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