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Club Lupo Keyrings...


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Hi All,

We as a forum have talked, talked and talked about, this; the cows came home and we talked some more, but nothing ever came to fruition. So...

The lovely people at www.houseoflogos.co.uk have offered to create a limited run of Club Lupo keyrings based on the original Club Lupo logo which was in use when I joined the forum in 2003.


Cost is £5 including delivery

See the image below for some samples of their work or have a trip to their website. You will see that they have some pretty well known and prestigious customers.


So to gauge interest, please note below how many you would like to purchase.

Once Tom and the team have an idea, they can start producing.



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Thanks for the interest guys. There seems to be a decent interest and although we usually custom make keyrings for clients in a much higher volume, we'll make a start on these tomorrow and see how we go on!

I'll post a link to purchase once they have been produced. :)

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x2 for me too please :thumbup:

A big thanks to everyone involved in getting this off the ground and to the manufacturers too :thumbsup:

PS - Please let me know if you guys n gals accept PayPal for quick payment for these ok :shades:



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