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Community Answers

  1. Good job you know your stuff 😂 nothing beats running repairs on a Lupo under pressure
  2. Such amazing scenery and I love those wheels
  3. Welcome! An exhaust is a consumable item at the end of the day. I wouldn’t worry to much
  4. That’s good, because im sad I’ve compiled a list of open airs, I’ve added yours now
  5. Open air! I love my open air... Does it leak yet?
  6. My friend had it, and for years I was saying “sell me the golf” the reply was “I’m not selling the golf” after about three years of this he asked if I was still interested... £3000. We were sat going through all the paper work with a brew and it turned out he’d owned it since 1999. I’m the third owner. At this point I was only bothered with one with, whether it was a ‘he or she’. He said neither it’s just a car but before I drove off he tapped it on the roof and said “goodbye old girl” and that’s the sad story of how I came to own the g60. It’s had all of the rear tub and new rear turrets welded too.
  7. It’s the charger, it’s an addictive noise. It came with a twin light debadged grill, it now has a proper quad light back on. A full stainless exhaust The typical sunroof leak which was the seal. Factory BBS in need of a refurb. And it’s done 100 miles in the last ten years
  8. The very same, I don’t think it’ll be ready for this feat due to other plans but ssssh
  9. It’s got a very 90s alarm, no battery, no seats at the moment and it’s makes a funny noise at 1750 rpm 😀
  10. Mines a factory g60 so it may not have the wax stat choke
  11. Standard, 1.8 8v, lhd, black and staying standard
  12. Holding on as long as I’m allowed to
  13. and I thought that smell was the 90's
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