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  1. Hi friends, So the seats have still not been started, excuses and excuses from upholstery shop. In the meantime I got the lupo a sick set of 16" 7J OZ Ultraleggera - ORIGINAL! The 16" is super rare in my country, and also my all time favourite wheel. I had a set of Yokohama 205/45/16 S Drives that i removed, more due to the fact that they were maybe 7 years old. But also the tyre looked huge, I am super conflicted on what tyre size to go for, just wish there was a size in between 165/45/16 and 195/40/16. a 175/40/16 or a 185/40/16 would be amazing. I think I will opt
  2. Finally installing mine and looks like I have the same issue
  3. Hey Guys & Girls, So I finally getting the Cupra seats fitted into the lupo. What I want to achieve is that the seats stay on the standard lupo seat frame and guides and well as make them collapsible as per the original seat. Currently the top section is ready for upholstery, it should be complete by next week, but here is some progress pictures in the meantime. Seat backings 😍 Passenger seats side by side Test fit to make sure the Cupra seats were not too wide for the lupo Original Lupo frame used and just the wire portion cut from LC seat and
  4. Does anyone perhaps know what this is for? been in the car since I bought it.
  5. I reckon I'll go with that, gloss back on the back of the seat, and maybe because the interior is currently grey, make the rest of the seat grey with that "studded" material (best way I can describe it. Not sure if i'll regret that decision 🤣
  6. Hey gents, So i decided to part with the VW UP seats and rather go for a pair of SEAT Leon mk2 Cupra seats. Being a huge SEAT fan I though this would make an great upgrade to my lupo. So here is the passenger seat: https://imgur.com/cApCx2u I have about 5 metres of the GTI Tartan stashed away in my garage: https://imgur.com/K2FAjWK So this was my poor attempt at a paint edit of what I was thinking for the seats (minus the cupra logo) https://imgur.com/EooXCm6 Thoughts?
  7. seeing this thread was revived... How do you guys get so low without your driveshafts knocking?? C Notch? I had to raise my car after this due to knocking:
  8. Collected my seats today...
  9. This is why you have such a high rep, absolute legend. I am asking guys on the VW Club SA Forum if anyone has the specs on their Velocity wheels, had no idea they had a different width. £24.34 a Centre Cap??????!!!
  10. Citi Golf Velocity Wheel vs Bathurst Wheel
  11. So I want to start getting my little half loaf ready for some comps. So I want to start investing a bit of time and money into her. So the plan: UP Seats - Hopefully will have picked them up today Then to get the whole interior reupholstered with GTI material I picked up last year. But my biggest issue is Wheels. The Porsche wheels I was running 2 years ago gave me massive headaches which I think was due to poor engineering on the Adapters. so i flogged them and now still sitting with the OEM Bathurst wheels. As far as I am aware, I am the only person who has these wheels in
  12. Thanks bud! 💪
  13. This forum is just amazing! thanks so much Bud, exactly what I wanted to see!
  14. I have the standard 1.4TDI Lupo, plain Jane Interior, So I'm pretty sure the UP seats will still be an upgrade for me.
  15. Those are absolutely stunning. Pity no pictures of brackets. I am getting the 2 Front seats for R2500 (£137).
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