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  1. For me to get the interior carpets cleaned serviced and I had too many cars on the road
  2. I take it that this is not a problem that can be fixed? Other than buy new dash and a trip to garage
  3. Hi guys I have put my car back on the road cheaper to run and so and I noticed speedo works but no Rev counter and abs light is on? Has any one else had this issue or know how to fix this problem any help would be really great?
  4. I have taken stereo out and problem has gone now I'm a bit confused
  5. hi I have just started to sort my car out and I put a brand new battery in today, And I came back to it later on today and the batter has gone completely flat? Dose any one else have this problem?
  6. Well either start of summer I'm thinking just after interest to see if I should sort it?
  7. That's why I'm doing a week end
  8. Yeah organising a weekend of it?
  9. Let me know if people want to do it let me know please
  10. If I get more interest I may organise a go karting race or something else
  11. Also some other cool stuff lol so let me know people I can sort stuff out?
  12. Ok car now starts runs for a bit then switched off completely?
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